Monday, October 15, 2012


Hey, so I TOTALLY had this really long email typed out, and I erased it :( Then I had to let my companion know how upset I was. And he just laughed.

well Conference was amazing and Im sure everyone is talking about the new age for missionaries!! I love seeing how the church changes and progresses to meet the Lords needs in his work. There will be new missions and a flood of new missionaries. It was a historical moment that marked a big step in the churches progress. It shows me that the work cant be stopped! and just like Joseph Smith said, it will keep moving until it has sounded in every ear, penetrated every heart, and flooded every continent. Or something like that, I dont remember it word for word ;)

Apart from that, there were some monumental talks given! And out ever loved Elder Holland gave the same talk that I heard from him in the MTC almost TWO years ago!! But this one was shorted and directed to a different audience. But I have grown to love the new testament because of his talks and my own study of the bible. Christs life is AMAZING and we should definitely not take for granted reading the Gospels. I really like Elder Bednars talk as well about the conversion. And there was a SWEET one about the book of mormon from elder Larry Echo Hawk on saturday. 

This weekend was a refreshing and renewing experience for me. Our chosen leaders of the church inspired changes in me and I feel new and clean again. Working out my own salvation, forgetting the past and mistakes, just like Peter, and moving forward, saving sheep. I feel rejuvenated. I know that the Lord wants us to forget what we didnt do, or what we did wrong, so that we can focus again on what lies in front of us. With kneeled prayer, the atonement, and mercy, everything can be cleaned and made new. That is what I learned this weekend from conference and my own experience. I know repentance is real. Now, I am going go help other people to do it and feel the same fresh air I feel :)

I love you all! I cant wait to see you guys. I really do miss you. But I need to finish up well here, then we can be together again. For a few weeks :) But then I can talk to you everyday on facebook, mom :)

Im alive, I have food, and clean clothes.