Monday, September 24, 2012

Birthday week!

Well I had a great time in Esperanza. It was great to see Obregon again and help out what I could in that little part of the mission. But now I came back to another familiar little village named Navojoa!!1 I was already here once, but for just a week. But now they sent me back! Im not in the same ward, but I have already seen a few familiar faces.My whole mission has been from one area, to the next, and back again jaja. But I think that I am going to finish up my mission here :) I have 2 transfers left which come out to about 3 more months!!! I want to make these the best last months that I have ever had in the mission. This time around I the step-dad (second companion) of Elder Sponseller. He is the classic gringo look. Tall. Blonde. And speaks little English jajaj. I put a picture of us on the email with the new camera :) Oh and I sent some other pictures too from the little dinner we had with the Bishop in Esperanza.I actually sent them directly from the camera jaja its way cool. I will have to talk more about my comp later, because we still havent chatted much. When I got here some members picked us up and we were chatting with them. But I think this is going to be cool because I am going to be able to teach him really well spanish. And he had a great trainer and so Im sure that he has learned a few things as well. Im actually pretty excited because I have never had a gringo companion. I always thought it would be cool to teach spanish and everything. I am pretty excited for these transfers! I am in a great ward, my companion is cool, and I think I will finish up here. I feel ready to crank out these few more months and baptize a lot of people here. The ward has grown a TON thanks to some of the last great elders in the mission (rest in peace, they are now at home). They are trying to split the ward! And we are going to help them out with that :) I feel really good. I feel like I needed this change and I feel like God answered a prayer. I had prayed to receive the change I needed to finish up really good the mission with baptisms and spiritual experiences. I think that things are going to go great. :) Navojoa is a cool little pueblo. its a lot quieter here, but there are still a lot of people to teach. And everything is a lot cheaper and closer, so I dont think I will spend too much money. Obregon was a lot more expensive. Bowling here only costs about 7 dollars :) When we went to eat dinner with the Bishop in Esperanza, he was telling us how much we helped out the ward.The members loved us a lot too. We baptized quite a few people and help a lot more to come to Christ. The Bishop said that we did a lot of things there that hadnt been done in a long time.He also said that we possess a lot of spiritual gifts. It was a great feeling being there and listening to the bishop, the member most important of the ward (apart from the sister who plans the dinners) telling us how much we helped out. I felt like we had really done our part. I love the mission, and I miss home, but I have one more ward and one more shot to do what the Lord needs from me here :) I love you all so much and I will think of you while I eat my birthday cake :) Elder Marsh

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