Monday, August 6, 2012


IM STILL ALIVE! We are offcially at the true heat of the summer. this week at 110, and MORE heat in the coming weeks! I dont know if I am going to make it to december ;) And I am now comletely depressed knowing that I will only be in the mission for 3 MORE TRANSFERS! This month I turn 20 months old, and I feel the old age jaja. I am now one of the "old wolves" as we say here in the mission. But dont worry, I still get up on time and the baptisms are rolling in. :) This weekend was really something special. Elder Tovar and I got to do something that I havent done very much on my mission and that is fast with investigators. Our next long awaited baptism is Carlos. He has felt many changes in his life by living the gospel. his family always comments about the different things he does now that he has focused on reciving and answer from god and living worthily. His coworkers have even told how different he is, and that makes him happy to know that God really his changing his life. We have finished the lessons. He has prayed for WEEKS now. He understands the covenant made by being baptized. He is just afraid to get in the water. But this weekend we fasted with Carlos, and his whole family! even his 11 year old son joined in and kept asking the whole time when he could drink water jaja. It was a purifing experience that made me understand a lot more the scripture in helaman 3:35. We fasted so that Carlos could have strength and determination in being baptized THIS weekend. I really fee like he is going to follow through. But everyone pray at home so that Carlos can be baptized :) I have gained a strong testimony that when we humble ourselves, the Lord changes and molds us to what we need to be. When the proud kneel to pray or the weak fast, it is almost impossible to feel the spirit of the lord. Then we stand up, take a breath, and enjoy the happiness of living the gospel. I know God loves us. I know there are things he wants us to do that will make up happy. And I also know that he trusts in us to make our own decisions for our our happiness. I love you all so much at home! please dont count the time :) take care of yourselves, and I will try not to melt down here :)

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