Monday, July 23, 2012

The heat keeps rolling, and time does too!

So to start off, I hope these emails are getting to shelley so that she can keep putting them on that blog thing that you guy made! I have a lot of fans at home who need to know whats up with me :) So things keep rolling by here in Esperanza, Obregon! We havent found many new people to teach because we have focused a lot on the people who are already progressing. there are about 4 investigators who have been going to church and keeping commitments. One of them is ready for baptism and is scheduled to have his service this saturday!!! we have been teaching him almost since I got here to this area and he is finally ready. He just need to beat a little bit of fear he has and will be completely fine for this saturday. Pray for Carlos, please :) he can use the help. And his family too, from the wreck they had a few weeks ago. We have another investigator, Felipe, who is trying to quit smoking! His daughter is a recent convert and she helps him out a ton. She says that he is way stressed out and really angry because he hasnt smoked, but we are happy because he is making steps towards having the spirit in his life and feeling the love of christ, like he explained that he wanted. Well this week in my scripture study, I read an amiazing chapter of scripture that I hadnt taken into account before. I always thought it was just another bible story that as cool to listen to in sunday school, but really reading it and comparing it to the sermon on the mount, we can see amazing things that Christ taught the nephites in the 12th chapter of 3rd nephi. The Beatitudes are a description of spiritual progress and the separation between the law of moses and the Higher law that Christ teaches us. I was thinking about the topic of obedience and I realized something here. Of course we know that we need to obey gods laws and commandments in the latter days to have the spirit and make our covenants valid. But simply not drinking or respecting other in the dating world is the BASIC of what we need to do. I think that sometimes its just like the Farisees and the law of moses! We cant just do those things and hope that it is enough, because if I live the word of wisdom, but I dont forgive the offenses of my brother, I didnt take that big of a step towards the celestial kingdom. If im chaste, but I waste my time, I dont work, and I dont study, Im not treasuring up in heaven what I need. Now, I dont want to say that we can break the basic commandments, but forgive everyone and be a really good person. But we need to do both to really be obeying our father in heaven. Im am living it up in the sun of sonora and trying to working smart without dying jaja. this mission is for men! but right now, the heat us just about the same as in sacramento. but we are going to beat you guys next month at about 110 every day :) I love you guys so much and hope to hear from you next week!

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