Monday, July 9, 2012


Hey I just read about dads familia and that is FANTASTIC!!! that made me so happy to know that the elders there did a good job and so many people have made changes to live in harmony with the gospel again. Sure, bryan and bella got baptized. 2 people. but for Heavenly Father, they were 4 baptisms if grandma vicky and sonya took the sacrament. that is amazing and Im so happy to hear it. I felt a few little tears here at the computer when i read that. I dont want to take credit and say that because I am here, they came back to the gospel. they are God´s children and he did it! I am glad those missionaries did their part. You said mom that the kids were talking with the elders, right? oh, that is so cool :) And I will be praying mucho for them! I want to be in the temple when they all go. next year ill be home and Iw will be able to go. Well as for things down here in sonora, we just had a baptism this weekend! An elderly man named martin who went to church with is member friend. he went one time and then didnt want to leave! He is a really noble guy. he accepted all of the commitments and he always told us that he already made the decision and he really wanted to be baptized. That was a HUGE blessing for us because the area has been rough. and the blessings keep coming because we have some cool investigators who we are going to see right now who will be baptized this weekend. I need to tell you all about my new comp! he is elder Tovar from the STATE of mexico. the federal district is a part inside of the state of mexico, but its practically the same thing. He is so crazy smart! He knows so much about the gospel and is the best teacher I have ever seen. he taught institute for 2 years and that helped him a ton. we get a long really well. I think he is one of the best companions I have had in the mission. we always stay up chatting about stuff. the investigators, the area, random things, its way cool. and he got here in the cool season in Esperanza Ward. Last transfer I worked like crazy with Ruiz to find all these people. And now they are finally going to be baptized! I am really enjoying my last 6 months in the mission. that last 6 is the best time to shine. to use all the experience from a year and a half, to have a blast, and have a lot of success. So give that little elder from yucatan a lot of love and feed him well. The best thing as a missionary is knowing that the members love us :) I LOVE YOU FAMILIA! you are always in my prayers. until next week :)

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