Monday, June 4, 2012


another week down and it has been CRAZY! it has been a very rough time on the mission to this point.... Dont worry. mom Im alive and im still living in a house. I even have a bed! Im not sick, well, ya I do have a cold, but nothing deathly. i get along with my companion and the ward here is really big. (big in the sense of Sonora is 80 people on sunday). but the thing is, the work has been SO tough... It has been a little weird. I havent taught or found as many people so quickly in all of my mission as I have here. in these passed two weeks we have taught a ton of lessons and found almost 15 new people. including a family of 6!!! but no one has gone to church. no one has read. no one has prayed. my companion said that in this area, they were giving about 4 lessons A WEEK and there were no new investigators. he told me it was that difficult and that trying. I got here and there wasnt anyone to teach, and just a few families that my companion had met. but no one progressing really well. so, we went to work. from one week with 4 lessons, we ramped everything up and found a ton of new people and we are giving about 20 lessons a week. thats 5 times more work! the zone leaders were thrilled, because the other elders in my district are working hard too. but the thing is, the numbers dont count if no one progresses. if no one goes to church on sunday, it doesnt matter if we gave 4 lessons or 40. so after working like crazy these last two weeks, we are just tired. wiped out. I was thinking that we were drowning here. I didnt know what we were going to do... I have never prayed so hard in my mission to find someone new who really wanted to come unto christ. we fasted this weekend too, like always... and on sunday, everything was answered. we were teaching a couple, who were just living together, and having kids, but never being married. ( a very common problem...) but im not going to put names for what was going on. they had been together for 4 years, but fighting, fixing things, wanting to be married, but then fighting again. its because he has a few problems. with drinking, and because he is already married! so he needed to get divorced to be able to marry again. When I got here, they had just had a big fight, of which I cant include all the details. but they were done. about a few days later, they were in love, AGAIN, and this time wanted to get married so that they could be baptized together! well we were amazed and started letting everyone know! the man was going to get divorced lasted tuesday, and we were going to get them married that same day. tuesday came around, and the wife of the guy didnt show up... everyones heart had broken. my companion and I were lost. we had no idea what to do, because they needed to wait even more time to set up another appointment, and the change is already halfway done... we stopped by their house and read a part in the book of mormon. we told them that if they remember god, he would help them get through their afflicitions. so sunday came by. she came to church, but he never showed up. not a single one of the 15 people we had found came either... worn out, crest fallen, and hungry from our fast, ur investigator came up to us after the sacrament meeting and we found the answer to all of our hard praying and the huge blessing for having put our part for the lord. She said that he police came and took him to jail! he had drunken again, and she called the cops. she threw all his stuff outside the house, and filled a consent to not go near each other. she said that she realized everything that was going on and knew that it just wasnt right. she told us she just wants to be with her daughter and that she wants to prepare to be baptized on saturday! we knew that in that very moment, everyting had gone according to the LORDS plans. it was a BLESSING that they never got married, or the problems would have been worse. we thought that everything fell apart and that somewhere we were going wrong. but through faith, fast, and prayer, the lord really did bless us. and I can honestly tell you all that I didnt have a true testimony of what is a fast until this sunday. and Ill never forget what happpened. I think it was one of the most spiritual events of all of my mission. The lord really does watch over us, take care of us, bless us, and try us. and he listens. now can you all see why I dont want to go home? because this is my life :) I love you all so much. Oh, and I sent pictures! some members lent us bikes here and mine came with the virgin mary sticker. she has kept me safe on my adventures ;) I love you all! we wil talk next week elder Marsh

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