Monday, June 18, 2012


HOLA!! Happy dia de los papas!!! Im glad to know that you guys had a lot of fun and that everyone went to the house to eat. What did you guys give dad?? I reallydont know of any new technology that has came out that he probably already bought for himself jajja. but happy fathers day dad, and I love you!! Thank you for all the lessons about working hard, but having fun, too. I think it was your love for your own mission that made me love mine so much. And learn so quickly the language :) It still isnt perfect but im working on everything I can. being good with my comp, and working hard in my area. Thank you dad for always being the example for me. So I am now a year and a half into the mission! I really cant believe im closing in on the last six months of my mission... things have turned out great. everything according to plan. but not my plans, of course jaja. I dont feel the difference. I dont feel experienced. I dont feel like so much time has passed. but I guess I will see that change and that progress after the mission. Sometimes I feel like I am exactly the same. and yes mom, exactly in the sense that I still talk a lot! I just think that now when I talk, I only talk about the gospel, and in some way I can help somebody out. but I stil talk a lot and Im still obnoxious :) I supose I just have good things to say now. something cool happened this week that I couldnt beleive it has taken me so long to realize. The bishop in this ward is SO cool! we always end up chatting with him about great stuff. he taught me a really valuble lesson this last week. He said that many times we get to the mission and we see the success of others. there are leaders, APs, trainers, good missionaries, bad missionaries, and a ton of other things that we start to use to compare ourselves. to think that one missionary has more or less success, so god thinks or helps differently that person. but the bishop said that once we get over that habit of judging and comparing ourselves, and jsut getting to work for the LORD, that is when we really have begun. with a ton of baptisms, or very few. everyone is individual. we cant compare oursleves. but we can take what is good from other people and apply it. jsut when we have in mind that that doesnt make us better or worse. as you all know, I love it here. EVERYONE should serve a mission! it is the best, and it doesnt even matter that we are already over 100 degrees! okay, that does matter a little bit and its one thing that I wont miss here jajaj :) I love you all so much! Im short on time but I will write more later. elder marsh

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