Monday, April 30, 2012

Hey mom!

Howd the week long party go in vegas!!! Im going to add a disclaimer to this email. everytime I put the dollar sign, it is a question mark. It cuz the questionmark doesnt work on this computer jaja. Anyways, Cass told me you guys had a good time! In the mission in vegas, the strip is counted to be "outside" of the mission and they send missionaries home for going there! But Im glad you guys enjoyed yourselves. But I think I had a better week ;) Well the work is moving. But very slowly right now. We had all the blessings og the Lord with all of the baptisms lately, but now we have to work hard. We had a really spiritual week and everything was great. We taught a lot of people and everyone was going to come to church. Well sunday came around and no one showed up... :( We were bummed out because they were some pretty solid people. We learned a lot about the book of mormon and the power it has to convert. Even though our investigators didnt complete, we still did our part. I feel good knowing that I learned a lot this week, and that our investigators still have next sunday to come. In our district meeting, we talked a bit about the book of mormon and its power. Something cool that happened this last week is that with a few investigators, we left a chapters to read in the book of mormon. With those commitments, they did follow through. And we saw a huge difference in attitude towards the church, learning, and completing with God. Mosiah 3 is a strong chapter. It was strong enough to help 2 different people understand the same thing. Gods love is HUGE! Very simply, he gave us the way, through Chirst to go back home. If we understand how big that love is, and what we really mean to Him, lives can change. We understand better WHY we need to go to church. We feel desirous to do what is right and follow the ONLY pathway back to him. Gods love is the same as from a parent to a child. I am amazed to see how he knows us and knows how to speak to us through the book of mormon. I learned also that if every chapter has about 25 verses more or less. And EVERY time I read the same chapter of the book of mormon with an investigator, they always understand something personal in a different verse. God has about 25 chances to get to our hearts every chapter. With about 200 or more chapters, he can teach us what we need to know. I love that book! Sometimes im tired in the morning, sometimes I dont feel like reading, or studying, but when I sit back and think about where the book of mormon came from, how it got here, what its message is, and what I have learned from it opens everything up. It talks about forgiveness. Spouses can learn from that and have a happier marriage by putting that in practice. It teaches that the spirit tells us what to do and how to be safe. Every youth can take that in account with problems and influences in school. It has everything! And part of my preaching is giving it away for free... The church is true! The book of mormon is too. I love you all and hope you make the most out the the book of mormon. Im and alive, breathing, and not dying of hunger. So dont worry mom, Im okay :) I love you. Elder Marsh

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