Monday, April 23, 2012

Heating up in Hawaiimas!!!

Hey everyone!!! Well I am nice a sunburnt today from a service project we did this morning. We went to help out a member put a roof up from sheet metal and it was HOT! And it is only getting started jaja. We had another baptism this passed weekend!!! A lady that got baptized my first week her has a few kids that arent members that we are working with and Aranza was baptized last friday. Her mom and step dad went to hermosillo this wekend and participated in baptisms for the dead!! So it is an exciting time for that family :) Aranza was a blast teaching because she always has a ton of energy but learns really quickly. She even memorized scriptures all by herself! We were thrilled to finally be able to baptize her after a few months of dropping the batismal dates for holidays and trips to the beach jaja. As for me, I sleep better at night with my big quilt that you sent me mom jaja. Its true, it is way hot here, but the house gets cold at night because we turn on the ac :) That is great that you guys are going to Las Vegas it is just a few miles outside of my mission :) Mom, come stop by and I can show you around! You can eat tacos with cows eyes and cahuamanta which is a soup with manta ray ;) Im sure you would love it here in Guaymas jaja. Take pictures of the ball! But cut ryan out of the pictures jaaja Im joking, its just that cassidy is porbably going to end up on that long list of people in the ward who are getting married soon... and it makes me sad jaja because she is my little sister. But in another way, I have a reason for telling people here not to call me "brother in law" because I can say to them her boyfriend is a pilot jajaja :) But that is when a member said to me "thats ok, im not jealous" jaja :) Well this passed week and the coming one, we have a lot of work to do with the ward. I have learned a valuble lesson in Home Teaching! There are a lot of in actives here because they didnt get visited after their baptism. So we are going to have to help out the ward in that aspect of home teaching visits to get things moving again in Barrio Bahia! Because right now we are running low on investigatores. But I felt great on Sunday because all of the converts that we have here so far showed up for sacrament meeting. That was cool for me because a lot of them were gone or working for what is known here as easter. I have also had the chance to see, feel, and know that we have a Father in Heaven who really does know us! We dont need to look any more than the scriptures to see that. In the Old testament, there are plagues, strict laws, and harsh punishments to keep everything together. In the New Testament, love, sacrifice, and missionar work. In the Book of Mormon, it is almost an infinate number of times that it talks about God being Merciful. So, has he changed who he is or what he does? No! But just like a parent cant raise two kids in the same way, God needs to raise his kids in a way the suits everyone. Some kids with a tough punishment, others with just talking things out. I have also come to know that he loves each and every one. Just for being a human being. The bad ones and the good ones. This church is amazing :) It is the only church that God has authorized to be on this earth. And I get to teach people everyday about it :) I love everyone at home so much, and Mom, tell everyone to chill out about the marriage thing in the stake! There wont be anyone left to hang out with when I get home jajaj. I´ll jsut have to come back to Sonora ;) I love you! Elder Marsh PS, how is the family study on the book of mormon going ?

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