Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Holy Week!!!

You wrote me just in time because I just sat down to write!

Well here in Sonora there is a very special way of celebrating what we know in the united states to be Easter. Here, it is called Holy Week. It is a two week vacation from work and from school and EVERYONE goes to the beach. To drink. A LOT! It gets so crazy that the send the Marines to make sure that it doesnt get out of hand. But there is one really cool aspect about la Semana Santa. Every day of the week they put a ton a bible movies on tv. And so one night we went to a members house for family home evening and they were watching an animated movie about Moses :) I got to see the last part when he splits the red sea and everyone passes by. It actually motivated me to study a bit more about moses and other miracles that he did. I missed the easter eggs and the chocolates, but what I am doing and learning in the mission is so much more important! 

So last week we went to the temple and it was such a beautiful experience. I learned so much and we saw a huge impact on our way of working that week. We could testify powerfully about the purpose of this life and why it is important to learn of Christ to be able to get back home one day. Unfortunately I cant give too many details on that trip, but it was amazing and needed. And it being in spanish was crazy! :)

I survived the transfer again! My companion did, too. But we got two new members. The area of the zone leaders go white washed, shotgunned, or however they called it in the states haha. I think it is called whiting here, I cant remember. And so I am here to help out the new zone leaders get things rolling here in Guaymas. It is way cool here. And very different from about every other area I have had. But I love it! There are some members that love us a lot, and we have the coolest converts here. Even though everyone is partying on the beach, there are a lot of people who treat us great. That´s what I love about this mission. Everyone loves the missionaries! :)

In my studies this week of the scriptures, I chose to look at things more in detail about Moses and the things that went on with the Isrealites. And I think I have to say that anyone who has ever had a kid knows what Moses felt like!!! I saw that it was a challange for him not to blow up and scream at everyone! the Isrealites complained and moaned at every turn, even when the Lord had spared their lives. But what I like the most was that every miracle was so simple. Now if you think that opening up an entire sea so that thousands of people could walk on dry land is too rough even for a jedi, just look at HOW it was done. The Lord sent a mighty windstorm the divided the sea in two parts. Just a huge gust of wind! Another miracle. After crossing the sea, the isrealites complain about being thirsty and not being able to drink from the bitter waters that they found a little while later. So Moses chops down a tree, chucks it it, and the waters turn sweet. And the Manna? It was just rain! And so we see that miracle can be so simple. Moses just exercised his faith and the Lord provided in very simple ways. Prophets are the best! Moses wasnt any different than President Monson. Just an ordinary prophet. can you imagine camping for 40 years with president Monson? :)

Well I will let you all know if anything else comes up about the famous mission-wide lost package of Elder Marsh. I love everyone so much! Im glad everyone had a good time for easter and for clauds birthday! I am going to buy something really cool for here here in my area :) I love you claud and have fun being 11!!! And write me back :) As for everyone else, keep on keeping on because the summer is right around the corner :)

Con mucho amor, Elder Marsh

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