Monday, April 16, 2012

Drumroll please....

So after nearly 5 months, getting sent to abandon, risked being destroyed, being opened TWO times, and having every single morsel of candy taken out, THE MISSION FAMOUS LOST PACKAGE OF ELDER MARSH HAS FINALLY ARRIVED!!! Im sporting the van heusen ties from the lesley´s and the nice new bedspread :) I am one happy elder. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE GIFTS AND THE LOVE! I put a few pictures of my awesome family in my scriptures. And the letters from the primary were AWESOME! But about half of them are from the Morden´s and they say that they dont know me jjaja :) But I was really happy to hear from everyone :) So in the end, it was here in Guaymas with a 15 wait period. Which I knew nothing about. I had plans on returning back on a monday to find out what I could do. The 15 days ran out and thats when it was rejected. So the whole mission office was upset with me saying that I refused the package and didnt even want it. But at last, it got here with a ton of tape that said "opened for Customs purposes". But everyone can relax now because I is finally here :) Well, Guaymas keeps on giving! We have a baptism planned this week for an 11 year old girl who is WAY smart! And she is just barely older than Claud by a few months ;) The first time we went to teach her, we left her a chapter in the book of mormon and she memorized 1 Nephi 3:7!! Her name is a Aranza and she will be entering the waters of baptism on friday at 6 pm :) We have had a pretty average week filled with ups and downs with the work, blessings, contacts, and the spirit. Elder Cabrera and I have been really blessed by the Lord and if it wasnt for him, we would be wandering in circles in this area. IT seems like every time we go knocking doors, it is tough to find people. But thats right when we find someone waiting in a part member family or an awesome reference :) My district is doing really well, too! They are the Zone Leaders and they are in a tough area. Two companionships ago, there werent any baptisms. The last companionship baptized, but had a tough time finding people. Now Elder Scott and Elder Dewey are finding ton of new people and are also being blessed. I love when my district has investigators because I love doing baptismal interviews :) And the week that I finally bring my cable to pass pictures, I didnt charge my camera!! So next week it will have to be :) I love you all so much! Elder Marsh

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