Monday, March 26, 2012

Still trying!!‏

Hey mom, well I really have no idea of what to do with the package. customs and the agency the does all the tramit work havent lifted a finger. And then they never call back of anything. And the thing is that they are on the other side of the city. It takes forever to get there and then we wait the whole afternoon. We might run over there in a bit to see whats up. But they have the package opened up and just sitting there. They flat out told me that it isnt worth paying for. anbd then they never even told me how much it is going to cost... But Ill call is a sec to see whats up.. As far as the work goes, we had an incredible week!! Elder Cabrera and I had three baptisms this passed week! Aaron, Laura, and another young man named Edwin were all baptized this past weekend. It was a spiritual experience to see how we were blessed for our efforts. They are all very strong people and are going to stay active. Aaron and his wife already want to go to the temple, but they still have to wait another year. I already told Aaron that I would come back next year after my mission to go to the sealing ceremony and everything :) They are both very happy. I am going to try to send some pictures right now. General Conference is this weekened!!! Everyone has to watch every session, or it doesnt count! At home I never sat down to watch all the sessions. But here on the mission, I cant imagine why anyone wouldnt because it is the word of God every 6 months. They are newer and for our time. It was said once that the words of the living prophet are more important than any prophet that has died. So lewts watch it all :) I have grown to really like it a lot. I love you all a lot and I miss claudias weekly emails! she hasnt written me in so long! She probably already got married :) And I will check about the package in a little bit. I love you all! Elder Marsh

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