Monday, March 19, 2012

hello from SAN CARLOS!

WEll mom, I have some good news and some bad news about the package. The good news is that I know where is is!! it is sitting there with customs on the other side of town. The bad news is that they opened it up and told me flat out that is isnt worth paying what they are going to charge me (which they havent told me) for whats in it. And today is a holiday and they are probably closed. So I think that it will just have to sit there until they decide to throw it out because I dont want you to have to pay hundreds of dollars for something that costs a lot less. What happened is that it sat in dhl in hermosillo and passed the two week mark for someone to go pick it up. then without saying anything, they sent it here to guaymas and it sat here for 2 months. passed two months it goes into "abandon" and you have to pay to get it out. and the fact that it came from the states means that I needed a tramit to get it. The thing is no one on the ´customs part helped much. they kind of played around and wasted time doing what takes a day in about a week to eat up more time. Just to tell me in the end that they cant just give it to me. Oh well.... You just have to be sure to not send whatever it was that didnt get through this time. because they wont tell me anything, just that it isnt worth paying for. :( So thats that about the famos lost package of elder marsh. (it actually picked up a bit of fame here in the mission haha). In other news, GUAYMAS is really picking up!!! I have lots of pictures to send you guys but I left the little cord in the house. But we just had a baptism last week and two more this week! I feel pretty good about that seeing how I barely have 2 weeks in this area :) We are teaching some AWESOME people right now. Some of the best on the mission. There is a young woman who was baptized about a year ago, but it wasnt time for her husband. we we sat there the first sunday and thats when he decided to join his wife. We chatted a bit after church and set up an appointment for the following tuesday. Thats when he accepted baptism and shared with us and his wife how much he wants to clean things up ín his life and end up with his family forever. Thats what he learned in the sunday school class, the plan of salvation. And so now he is waiting anxiosly for it to be friday, the day of his baptism. But the fact that he has waited these two wéeks is pretty cool seeing how he wanted to get baptized the day we met him!! Another cool experience I had this week was that the chose me to give a talk on sunday. And seeing how it was the anniversary of the relief society, that was the theme they gave me hahaha. I had NO idea what I was going to say. But then I got ahold of thatr new book called "daughters in me kingdom" and whoa. That changed everything. That book is AMAZING. I felt me testimony growing of a part of the church that never really called my attention. the relief society! But the talk went great. All the sisters cried, and I got to talk 10 minutes about my own mother and how much she helped me before coming on my mission :) Really mom, you did a great job. For all the times you had to get on to me for little things, you helped me out a lot. I love you :) well I will see about what I can do about the package. If I find anything out i will write you again this week. I love you all and we will chat next week. This time with pictures of the beach in San Carlos :) hve you guys been there? Elder Marsh

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