Monday, February 20, 2012

Jake would rather be a missionary then a student! What a guy!

Hey mom! Well, the package is here in the mission. I saw president the other week and he called the missionaries in the offices and told them that to go to dhl and find out how much they were gonna charge to release the package. They didnt get back in time to let me know how much, but im pretty sure that it is sitting in the offices until someone goes up there. And in fact, there is a greenie counsel this week and they sent the new missionaries up there. so if it is there, they should come back with it! thats what I am hoping!

And I talked with cass about byu and all of that. That is great that she got in! Now we just have to see if she doesnt get married in the months she is going to wait to go... ;)

I would LOVE to be able to go with here! I need to come back home and get going with the act because I need to start school and all of that. and the time frame works out too to start in the spring term. That sounds like a great idea. But id rather be a missionary forever instead of a student :)

Well things are pretty slow around here. When we finally can put an appointment, they cancel on us. The investigator that is going to church works too much in the week to see him. And we are going into the last week of the change. Ive been in Mayo for SIX MONTHS now! I cant believe it. Its been so long haha but it has gone by very fast. I was a bit bummed out this month because we started off with a bunch of new investigators and we thought we were going to have a lot of success in February. Finishing up the month and the transfer, fruitless :( But this week I need to work hard to leave the area in good shape for the new missionary who gets here, or the be able to baptize in the next change.

I tried speaking english a bit yesterday with some other gringo elders in the zone and I just couldnt! My english is WORSE than what it was in December! I just cant speak that language anymore. I guess I´ll just stay in mexico forever :)

Today we joined up the 2 zones in the city. We were like 30 missionaries. We played 11 vs 11 soccer, zone vs. zone. It was way cool! Could would have loved to be there :) We lost, but we had a great time either way.

Well thats about all the is going on down here in Obregon. This might be the last email I send from this city! I really dont want to leave here. I love obregon! So I will let everyone know next monday. If I dont get the chance to write, youll know why! Its because I got changed. Not because the drug cartels grabbed me ;)

Love you all!

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