Monday, February 13, 2012


Hey mom! So you rarely catch me on the computer because we always have different plans on monday and we do something new. So thats why it varies at what time I get on to send mail. So yeah :)
In other news, I talked to pres velez about the package and he sent some missionaries to find out at the dhl office. I personally think that the elders up there have it and it is sitting in the office until the zone leaders go back up to hermosillo. But yeah it should be there by now and pres just forgot to get back to me about it.
So yesterday, sunday, was a great day at church. We had a few new investigators go to church, and not one of them were the ones we though were going to go jaja. One member brought a friend and a man that we taught last week showed up too. We talked to him about the family and temples when we taught him, and that is exactly what wa talked about on sunday. He left very happy and I think it did him a lot of good. If we can teach him again this week, we will probably invite him to be baptized. I love working as a missionary, but I dont love that summer is coming back! It is starting to warm up again... So we should have an interesting week with a lot of work. Keep the prayers going so that the people will be baptized :)
I learned something pretty cool this week. The stake president here said that when a missionary is released, it says something in the prayer about the service selflessly offered among the children of heavenly father. And I love that. Serving selflessly is something that I will have in mind all this week when I am tempted or when I dont feel like waking up on time. I am serving the children of God, without thinking of myself or what I want, rather what He wants and what his children need. Even in moments of depression, the spirit is unforgettable in the mission.
and about the socks, dont worry mom :)
I love you all SOOO much. you are always in my prayers. Im still alive, and very safe. I im with some converts at their house and they say hi and that the love me a lot :) just so that you know mom that they are taking care of me here in mexico :)
until next week!
Elder Marsh

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