Monday, February 27, 2012


So I officially NOT in Obregon now! Do you guys remember when I was in Huatabampo a while back? well we always went to a little city called Navojoa to meetings and stuff like that. Well I did my time in the little tiny ranches and didnt want to go back to that zone unless I went to the city navojoa. And well, here I am! My ward is Deportiva in Navojoa. I love it here! I got sick of the city and missed looking at the unpaved road, dogs wandering in the streets, injured, hungry, and that AWESOME, homely sound of mariachi :) hahaha! I am really glad to be on this part of the map again. I feel great to be here again :) And I get along well with my companion! He has been out for quite some time now. I might kill this one too haha.
The bus ride was only about an hour and I left a little after 9 this morning. Thats why I got to write today as well. Haha, and mom, im on the country side of the mission again, and the city here is much safer. I didnt tell you in january just not to scare you, but in january, obregon won the number one spot of the most bloodiest cities in sonora. It even beat nogales! there were about 56 deaths, and 10 shootings in the city in just that month. But here in Najovoa, its pretty quiet :) The only other city that is worse off than obregon that is close by is tijuana. 

So I am very glad to be here in the new area. I have always been put in the best areas of the mission. I have a humble companion too. So I think we are going to be very successful this transfer :) I cant help but feel like the lord has given me a very big blessing after being put through a trial. I was really getting bumbed out for a while. But I feel good with a new start :)

Well thats about it for me. The package is still a work in progress.... But call the office and let me know whats up. Ill be waiting for the mission call! I just want it to read over and study a bit. Im safe, alive, and ready to work :)

Love you all so much!!

we will talk more next week.

Elder Marsh

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