Monday, February 27, 2012


So I officially NOT in Obregon now! Do you guys remember when I was in Huatabampo a while back? well we always went to a little city called Navojoa to meetings and stuff like that. Well I did my time in the little tiny ranches and didnt want to go back to that zone unless I went to the city navojoa. And well, here I am! My ward is Deportiva in Navojoa. I love it here! I got sick of the city and missed looking at the unpaved road, dogs wandering in the streets, injured, hungry, and that AWESOME, homely sound of mariachi :) hahaha! I am really glad to be on this part of the map again. I feel great to be here again :) And I get along well with my companion! He has been out for quite some time now. I might kill this one too haha.
The bus ride was only about an hour and I left a little after 9 this morning. Thats why I got to write today as well. Haha, and mom, im on the country side of the mission again, and the city here is much safer. I didnt tell you in january just not to scare you, but in january, obregon won the number one spot of the most bloodiest cities in sonora. It even beat nogales! there were about 56 deaths, and 10 shootings in the city in just that month. But here in Najovoa, its pretty quiet :) The only other city that is worse off than obregon that is close by is tijuana. 

So I am very glad to be here in the new area. I have always been put in the best areas of the mission. I have a humble companion too. So I think we are going to be very successful this transfer :) I cant help but feel like the lord has given me a very big blessing after being put through a trial. I was really getting bumbed out for a while. But I feel good with a new start :)

Well thats about it for me. The package is still a work in progress.... But call the office and let me know whats up. Ill be waiting for the mission call! I just want it to read over and study a bit. Im safe, alive, and ready to work :)

Love you all so much!!

we will talk more next week.

Elder Marsh

Monday, February 20, 2012

Jake would rather be a missionary then a student! What a guy!

Hey mom! Well, the package is here in the mission. I saw president the other week and he called the missionaries in the offices and told them that to go to dhl and find out how much they were gonna charge to release the package. They didnt get back in time to let me know how much, but im pretty sure that it is sitting in the offices until someone goes up there. And in fact, there is a greenie counsel this week and they sent the new missionaries up there. so if it is there, they should come back with it! thats what I am hoping!

And I talked with cass about byu and all of that. That is great that she got in! Now we just have to see if she doesnt get married in the months she is going to wait to go... ;)

I would LOVE to be able to go with here! I need to come back home and get going with the act because I need to start school and all of that. and the time frame works out too to start in the spring term. That sounds like a great idea. But id rather be a missionary forever instead of a student :)

Well things are pretty slow around here. When we finally can put an appointment, they cancel on us. The investigator that is going to church works too much in the week to see him. And we are going into the last week of the change. Ive been in Mayo for SIX MONTHS now! I cant believe it. Its been so long haha but it has gone by very fast. I was a bit bummed out this month because we started off with a bunch of new investigators and we thought we were going to have a lot of success in February. Finishing up the month and the transfer, fruitless :( But this week I need to work hard to leave the area in good shape for the new missionary who gets here, or the be able to baptize in the next change.

I tried speaking english a bit yesterday with some other gringo elders in the zone and I just couldnt! My english is WORSE than what it was in December! I just cant speak that language anymore. I guess I´ll just stay in mexico forever :)

Today we joined up the 2 zones in the city. We were like 30 missionaries. We played 11 vs 11 soccer, zone vs. zone. It was way cool! Could would have loved to be there :) We lost, but we had a great time either way.

Well thats about all the is going on down here in Obregon. This might be the last email I send from this city! I really dont want to leave here. I love obregon! So I will let everyone know next monday. If I dont get the chance to write, youll know why! Its because I got changed. Not because the drug cartels grabbed me ;)

Love you all!

Monday, February 13, 2012


Hey mom! So you rarely catch me on the computer because we always have different plans on monday and we do something new. So thats why it varies at what time I get on to send mail. So yeah :)
In other news, I talked to pres velez about the package and he sent some missionaries to find out at the dhl office. I personally think that the elders up there have it and it is sitting in the office until the zone leaders go back up to hermosillo. But yeah it should be there by now and pres just forgot to get back to me about it.
So yesterday, sunday, was a great day at church. We had a few new investigators go to church, and not one of them were the ones we though were going to go jaja. One member brought a friend and a man that we taught last week showed up too. We talked to him about the family and temples when we taught him, and that is exactly what wa talked about on sunday. He left very happy and I think it did him a lot of good. If we can teach him again this week, we will probably invite him to be baptized. I love working as a missionary, but I dont love that summer is coming back! It is starting to warm up again... So we should have an interesting week with a lot of work. Keep the prayers going so that the people will be baptized :)
I learned something pretty cool this week. The stake president here said that when a missionary is released, it says something in the prayer about the service selflessly offered among the children of heavenly father. And I love that. Serving selflessly is something that I will have in mind all this week when I am tempted or when I dont feel like waking up on time. I am serving the children of God, without thinking of myself or what I want, rather what He wants and what his children need. Even in moments of depression, the spirit is unforgettable in the mission.
and about the socks, dont worry mom :)
I love you all SOOO much. you are always in my prayers. Im still alive, and very safe. I im with some converts at their house and they say hi and that the love me a lot :) just so that you know mom that they are taking care of me here in mexico :)
until next week!
Elder Marsh

Monday, February 6, 2012


Hey mom! well I wrote that about the socks thing because there isnt a store that sells a ton of them in one pack like costco here where I am. You have to buy them pair by pair. thats wh I thought of that. But I will probably end up buying some anyways. I think there is a sams club here in obregon, but I haven been there. I might go by today.
And regarding the package, the mission home called me and said that they were going to send missionaries to the DHL office in hermosillo to get it. I think they are going to charge them to pick it up. But the elder said he would call me when they have it. That was last week. So I will just have to wait until the zone leaders go back to hermosillo. And I bought some other stuff online from the church store and have it sent to a sister in the ward here. It was really funny because we went to her house to let her know a package was going to come, and when we got to her house, it had JUST arrived and she freaked out because she wants waitingfor a package. She ended up thinking it was a bomb or something hahah. But we explained and ended up laughing with her for a few minutes.

So we are 3 weeks into this transfer and I am not liking how fast the time flies. days quickly melt into weeks, and weeks into transfers, stransfers to months, and before I even noticed, I have been out for 14 months in the mission! I have loved my time here, and I want it to slow down a bit. I am not even looking forward to the 15th of every month because it means a week closer to home :( I do miss the cold and the mountains and snowboarding, but the mission is such a unique place. I learn something more every day.

So lately I have been able to partake in a very special blessing. The guy that we baptized in December, Guadalupe, has had such a great progress in the church. He goes to every activity, he is going to sign up for institute, and he gets to church early to bless the sacrament. This sunday was special, because it was fast and testimony meeting, and those are ALWAYS my favorite. I challenged him to bear his testimony and agreed on the condition that I bore mine first. So I got up and shared an experience from earlier that week. And while I spoke, he stood up, and moved his way up front. His testimony was the most sincere and spiritual that I had ever heard. It was one of those moments when the spirit doenst just make himself present in the room, he breaks down the walls! I wont ever forget that moment nor how the spirit testified as well of the truthfullness of the church and the reality of the atonement. Repentance does exist. And ONLY though christ. But when it starts to tae effect, it is a powerful, lasting change of heart that works quicker and more effectively than anything else in this world in changing a human heart. Its because the atonement doesnt change just actions. It changes habits, thoughts, feelings, and the purpose of our lives. It sets our focus on christ, and gives us strength to reach that platform of perfection where he dwells. But not alone, rather with our families too. God is perfect and he lives. 

I love all of you at home. Hugs and kisses.

Elder Marsh