Monday, January 9, 2012

Time rolls by...

I´m closing in on 13 months and loving every minute! The mission is a roller coaster of emotions, events, learning, everything! We are entering the last week of the transfer, and there are a ton of things that can happen. Elder Islas and I started off 3 months ago with no one to teach and nothing to do. Two transfers and two converts later, there are a lot of people to teach and more to be found! Our teaching pool is really divers right now with people of all ages with VERY different problems. But only one solution. Come to Christ and be baptized :)

Four new people went to church which is a REALLY good number. Everyone found a friend and loved it a lot :) We are going to pray and seek guidance to set baptismal dates for those people this week. I love to see the area with such success after being left here with nothing. Hard work pays off. It really does. I feel great with what I have been able to do for the Lord and if he needs me somewhere else this transfer, I will trust that he knows what he is doing.

I am pretty excited this time to get the transfer call. 11 missionaries are going home and 17 are coming to the mission! I am hoping to be able to train this time around. It will probably be rough, but there are always people to baptize and lessons to learn.

Well I hope you guys are posting letter and pictures on time so everyone can read! I love my dear family so much and I am glad to be here with the great opportunity to serve the Lord.

With love, Elder Marsh

PS. The package hasnt come yet :( It should be in the mission home. It it is, I will have it next week.

PPS. I started typing in spanish about halfway through every sentence in this email :)

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