Tuesday, January 24, 2012

hey mom :)

Im sorry about not getting to all of your questions! Its that I get distracted sometimes in telling you about the things going on here and the other stuff escapes me. I am sad to report that the package hasnt made it to the mission office :( A few elders went last week to the mission home and they looked for me. They called me on the phone and there was nothing there :( But if you call DHL or whoever you sent the package with, you should be able to locate it. I will refer to the old motto of the family "Ask dad. He will know." :) But I still alive and the package will get here someday. Dont worry too much mom :) I know you still love me, a package from home doesnt need to say it.

Anyways, we started off this 6 week transfer with another baptism! Do you guys remember a while back we baptized a young woman named Cinthia? Well it turns out that all along her mom was an inactive member, so we pulled her records over and she now belongs to our ward. We have to work a lot with her to get her back to church, but the fact that she is a member helped us a ton in baptizing their little brother Fransisco! He entered the waters of baptism on the 21st of January, and wanted to jump in again because it was so cool :) he is 12 years old and will start passing the sacrament next sunday. He even wants to serve a mission! He steals our nametags on sunday and wears them around the chapel haha. That little blessing from the Lord helped us to gain a new focus and get started on another 6 weeks. There are people that we have been teaching for a while who need to get going on commitments, and there are new people we need to find as well. I feel good about the coming weeks and I think we will see even more success. This baptism helped me to see even more that "the field is white, ready to harvest," like it says in D and C section 4. Or in other words, there really are people waiting who are just weeks away from baptism. We still just havent met them :)

So it wasnt my turn to train this time around, but a new missionary arrived to the district. His name is Elder Herron from Mesa Arizona. In other words, he literally lives a busride aways from the mission! He got here with a pretty good feel for spanish, so we are happy about that. Oftentimes gringos get here not knowing much spanish and the close up and dont say much. But not this Elder. He is a cool guy and way excited to be here. And it is a little funny to see someone who is in the same place where I was a year ago. A lot of times we cant take notice of our own progress in the days that go by, but month after month, year after year, we can see that the Lord has ALWAYS blessed us. He has given everyone certain and unique gifts and talents. Something that the mission has done for me is help me, firstly, learn what those gifts are. and secondly, put them to work!! President Eyring said in his book To Draw Closer To God that as soon as we use our abilities and talents to help others, we will feel the love of God for those people, and his love for us while we are serving them. Learning what our talents are takes hard work, and uncertain steps. I know I have fallen a lot in my search to find those abilities, but know that I know a few, I can be a more effective and useful missionary.

I have seen that God has made me a happy person. I always try to smile and make other people feel good about themselves, no matter how sad they are. That gift has helped me have success in my mission. Also, the ability to search, find, and follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost is a gift that EVERYONE has. But it needs to be developed. But these two gifts, when used together and in the spirit of prayer, are what have really made the mission for me. I love it here!

I love you all som much and I hope everyone is fine. Sorry for writing so late! We had a get together yesterday for an Elder who had his birthday, and we coundnt write, because I was grilling the meat for the tacos :) But yeah mom, call for the package, because I am sure it is somewhere.

And I need a favor. If someone from the ward wants to send me some new socks, I would appreciate it :)

Love you all!

Elder Marsh :)

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