Monday, January 16, 2012

Hello Family

Cambios came and no one got moved! Elder Islas and I are staying here in Mayo for another 6 weeks so that we can be more successful and keep things rolling.

So this past Sunday we had a special version of stake conference. Every few year, a special broadcast is sent out for the Area of mexico. Elder Oaks and a few other 70's talked to the northern part of the country and discussed some issues about what the country could do to be closer to God and to receive more blessings of the Lord. Above all the themes, they talked most about tithing, chastity, and the temple. They also talked a lot about love and obedience, which helped me to see things in better light about the mission. 

The thing is, when a missionary has been out for a while, things arent so new. Contacting is easy. Spanish isnt as hard. Teaching isnt as much of a challenge. So that missionary can start thinking about other things because his mind isnt that worried about what to say or to do. This can be a blessing or a struggle. With a mind more free, a missionary can worry more about a district or training a greenie. So now with a year in the mission, more in tune with the routine, I find myself in that position. But I quickly learned that I need to give ALL that I am. I need to give the best of me. In my relationship with my companion, in my way or working in the area, with the members. I need to keep better track of time and do things how the Lord has said. Obedience is KEY in the mission, not to be successful, because every missionary who works is going to baptize, obedient or not. But without obeying and really focusing on the work, you cant make good use of you time and you just dont progress as a child of God in this test of life.

The mission really is the best thing that has happened to me. I love it so much!  I forget sometimes to enjoy the little things. Like being in a foreign country, speaking another language, meeting cool people to teach. And above it all, giving the best of who I am so that the Lord and bless me. 

I read a cool scripture this week that helped me find more purpose to my mission. It is Ether 12:4 I really do hope for a better world, a better mission, a better area, a better companion. Not new areas and companions, but areas and companions who are better now than they were, before I met them.  Being obedient is an act of love and faith that gives us more hope. That hope is then turned into an impulse and we find that all along we are living exactly in accordance with the will of our Father.

I love you guys so much and we will see each other soon :)

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