Monday, October 15, 2012


Hey, so I TOTALLY had this really long email typed out, and I erased it :( Then I had to let my companion know how upset I was. And he just laughed.

well Conference was amazing and Im sure everyone is talking about the new age for missionaries!! I love seeing how the church changes and progresses to meet the Lords needs in his work. There will be new missions and a flood of new missionaries. It was a historical moment that marked a big step in the churches progress. It shows me that the work cant be stopped! and just like Joseph Smith said, it will keep moving until it has sounded in every ear, penetrated every heart, and flooded every continent. Or something like that, I dont remember it word for word ;)

Apart from that, there were some monumental talks given! And out ever loved Elder Holland gave the same talk that I heard from him in the MTC almost TWO years ago!! But this one was shorted and directed to a different audience. But I have grown to love the new testament because of his talks and my own study of the bible. Christs life is AMAZING and we should definitely not take for granted reading the Gospels. I really like Elder Bednars talk as well about the conversion. And there was a SWEET one about the book of mormon from elder Larry Echo Hawk on saturday. 

This weekend was a refreshing and renewing experience for me. Our chosen leaders of the church inspired changes in me and I feel new and clean again. Working out my own salvation, forgetting the past and mistakes, just like Peter, and moving forward, saving sheep. I feel rejuvenated. I know that the Lord wants us to forget what we didnt do, or what we did wrong, so that we can focus again on what lies in front of us. With kneeled prayer, the atonement, and mercy, everything can be cleaned and made new. That is what I learned this weekend from conference and my own experience. I know repentance is real. Now, I am going go help other people to do it and feel the same fresh air I feel :)

I love you all! I cant wait to see you guys. I really do miss you. But I need to finish up well here, then we can be together again. For a few weeks :) But then I can talk to you everyday on facebook, mom :)

Im alive, I have food, and clean clothes.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Birthday week!

Well I had a great time in Esperanza. It was great to see Obregon again and help out what I could in that little part of the mission. But now I came back to another familiar little village named Navojoa!!1 I was already here once, but for just a week. But now they sent me back! Im not in the same ward, but I have already seen a few familiar faces.My whole mission has been from one area, to the next, and back again jaja. But I think that I am going to finish up my mission here :) I have 2 transfers left which come out to about 3 more months!!! I want to make these the best last months that I have ever had in the mission. This time around I the step-dad (second companion) of Elder Sponseller. He is the classic gringo look. Tall. Blonde. And speaks little English jajaj. I put a picture of us on the email with the new camera :) Oh and I sent some other pictures too from the little dinner we had with the Bishop in Esperanza.I actually sent them directly from the camera jaja its way cool. I will have to talk more about my comp later, because we still havent chatted much. When I got here some members picked us up and we were chatting with them. But I think this is going to be cool because I am going to be able to teach him really well spanish. And he had a great trainer and so Im sure that he has learned a few things as well. Im actually pretty excited because I have never had a gringo companion. I always thought it would be cool to teach spanish and everything. I am pretty excited for these transfers! I am in a great ward, my companion is cool, and I think I will finish up here. I feel ready to crank out these few more months and baptize a lot of people here. The ward has grown a TON thanks to some of the last great elders in the mission (rest in peace, they are now at home). They are trying to split the ward! And we are going to help them out with that :) I feel really good. I feel like I needed this change and I feel like God answered a prayer. I had prayed to receive the change I needed to finish up really good the mission with baptisms and spiritual experiences. I think that things are going to go great. :) Navojoa is a cool little pueblo. its a lot quieter here, but there are still a lot of people to teach. And everything is a lot cheaper and closer, so I dont think I will spend too much money. Obregon was a lot more expensive. Bowling here only costs about 7 dollars :) When we went to eat dinner with the Bishop in Esperanza, he was telling us how much we helped out the ward.The members loved us a lot too. We baptized quite a few people and help a lot more to come to Christ. The Bishop said that we did a lot of things there that hadnt been done in a long time.He also said that we possess a lot of spiritual gifts. It was a great feeling being there and listening to the bishop, the member most important of the ward (apart from the sister who plans the dinners) telling us how much we helped out. I felt like we had really done our part. I love the mission, and I miss home, but I have one more ward and one more shot to do what the Lord needs from me here :) I love you all so much and I will think of you while I eat my birthday cake :) Elder Marsh

Monday, August 6, 2012


IM STILL ALIVE! We are offcially at the true heat of the summer. this week at 110, and MORE heat in the coming weeks! I dont know if I am going to make it to december ;) And I am now comletely depressed knowing that I will only be in the mission for 3 MORE TRANSFERS! This month I turn 20 months old, and I feel the old age jaja. I am now one of the "old wolves" as we say here in the mission. But dont worry, I still get up on time and the baptisms are rolling in. :) This weekend was really something special. Elder Tovar and I got to do something that I havent done very much on my mission and that is fast with investigators. Our next long awaited baptism is Carlos. He has felt many changes in his life by living the gospel. his family always comments about the different things he does now that he has focused on reciving and answer from god and living worthily. His coworkers have even told how different he is, and that makes him happy to know that God really his changing his life. We have finished the lessons. He has prayed for WEEKS now. He understands the covenant made by being baptized. He is just afraid to get in the water. But this weekend we fasted with Carlos, and his whole family! even his 11 year old son joined in and kept asking the whole time when he could drink water jaja. It was a purifing experience that made me understand a lot more the scripture in helaman 3:35. We fasted so that Carlos could have strength and determination in being baptized THIS weekend. I really fee like he is going to follow through. But everyone pray at home so that Carlos can be baptized :) I have gained a strong testimony that when we humble ourselves, the Lord changes and molds us to what we need to be. When the proud kneel to pray or the weak fast, it is almost impossible to feel the spirit of the lord. Then we stand up, take a breath, and enjoy the happiness of living the gospel. I know God loves us. I know there are things he wants us to do that will make up happy. And I also know that he trusts in us to make our own decisions for our our happiness. I love you all so much at home! please dont count the time :) take care of yourselves, and I will try not to melt down here :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

The heat keeps rolling, and time does too!

So to start off, I hope these emails are getting to shelley so that she can keep putting them on that blog thing that you guy made! I have a lot of fans at home who need to know whats up with me :) So things keep rolling by here in Esperanza, Obregon! We havent found many new people to teach because we have focused a lot on the people who are already progressing. there are about 4 investigators who have been going to church and keeping commitments. One of them is ready for baptism and is scheduled to have his service this saturday!!! we have been teaching him almost since I got here to this area and he is finally ready. He just need to beat a little bit of fear he has and will be completely fine for this saturday. Pray for Carlos, please :) he can use the help. And his family too, from the wreck they had a few weeks ago. We have another investigator, Felipe, who is trying to quit smoking! His daughter is a recent convert and she helps him out a ton. She says that he is way stressed out and really angry because he hasnt smoked, but we are happy because he is making steps towards having the spirit in his life and feeling the love of christ, like he explained that he wanted. Well this week in my scripture study, I read an amiazing chapter of scripture that I hadnt taken into account before. I always thought it was just another bible story that as cool to listen to in sunday school, but really reading it and comparing it to the sermon on the mount, we can see amazing things that Christ taught the nephites in the 12th chapter of 3rd nephi. The Beatitudes are a description of spiritual progress and the separation between the law of moses and the Higher law that Christ teaches us. I was thinking about the topic of obedience and I realized something here. Of course we know that we need to obey gods laws and commandments in the latter days to have the spirit and make our covenants valid. But simply not drinking or respecting other in the dating world is the BASIC of what we need to do. I think that sometimes its just like the Farisees and the law of moses! We cant just do those things and hope that it is enough, because if I live the word of wisdom, but I dont forgive the offenses of my brother, I didnt take that big of a step towards the celestial kingdom. If im chaste, but I waste my time, I dont work, and I dont study, Im not treasuring up in heaven what I need. Now, I dont want to say that we can break the basic commandments, but forgive everyone and be a really good person. But we need to do both to really be obeying our father in heaven. Im am living it up in the sun of sonora and trying to working smart without dying jaja. this mission is for men! but right now, the heat us just about the same as in sacramento. but we are going to beat you guys next month at about 110 every day :) I love you guys so much and hope to hear from you next week!

Monday, July 9, 2012


Hey I just read about dads familia and that is FANTASTIC!!! that made me so happy to know that the elders there did a good job and so many people have made changes to live in harmony with the gospel again. Sure, bryan and bella got baptized. 2 people. but for Heavenly Father, they were 4 baptisms if grandma vicky and sonya took the sacrament. that is amazing and Im so happy to hear it. I felt a few little tears here at the computer when i read that. I dont want to take credit and say that because I am here, they came back to the gospel. they are God´s children and he did it! I am glad those missionaries did their part. You said mom that the kids were talking with the elders, right? oh, that is so cool :) And I will be praying mucho for them! I want to be in the temple when they all go. next year ill be home and Iw will be able to go. Well as for things down here in sonora, we just had a baptism this weekend! An elderly man named martin who went to church with is member friend. he went one time and then didnt want to leave! He is a really noble guy. he accepted all of the commitments and he always told us that he already made the decision and he really wanted to be baptized. That was a HUGE blessing for us because the area has been rough. and the blessings keep coming because we have some cool investigators who we are going to see right now who will be baptized this weekend. I need to tell you all about my new comp! he is elder Tovar from the STATE of mexico. the federal district is a part inside of the state of mexico, but its practically the same thing. He is so crazy smart! He knows so much about the gospel and is the best teacher I have ever seen. he taught institute for 2 years and that helped him a ton. we get a long really well. I think he is one of the best companions I have had in the mission. we always stay up chatting about stuff. the investigators, the area, random things, its way cool. and he got here in the cool season in Esperanza Ward. Last transfer I worked like crazy with Ruiz to find all these people. And now they are finally going to be baptized! I am really enjoying my last 6 months in the mission. that last 6 is the best time to shine. to use all the experience from a year and a half, to have a blast, and have a lot of success. So give that little elder from yucatan a lot of love and feed him well. The best thing as a missionary is knowing that the members love us :) I LOVE YOU FAMILIA! you are always in my prayers. until next week :)

Monday, June 18, 2012


HOLA!! Happy dia de los papas!!! Im glad to know that you guys had a lot of fun and that everyone went to the house to eat. What did you guys give dad?? I reallydont know of any new technology that has came out that he probably already bought for himself jajja. but happy fathers day dad, and I love you!! Thank you for all the lessons about working hard, but having fun, too. I think it was your love for your own mission that made me love mine so much. And learn so quickly the language :) It still isnt perfect but im working on everything I can. being good with my comp, and working hard in my area. Thank you dad for always being the example for me. So I am now a year and a half into the mission! I really cant believe im closing in on the last six months of my mission... things have turned out great. everything according to plan. but not my plans, of course jaja. I dont feel the difference. I dont feel experienced. I dont feel like so much time has passed. but I guess I will see that change and that progress after the mission. Sometimes I feel like I am exactly the same. and yes mom, exactly in the sense that I still talk a lot! I just think that now when I talk, I only talk about the gospel, and in some way I can help somebody out. but I stil talk a lot and Im still obnoxious :) I supose I just have good things to say now. something cool happened this week that I couldnt beleive it has taken me so long to realize. The bishop in this ward is SO cool! we always end up chatting with him about great stuff. he taught me a really valuble lesson this last week. He said that many times we get to the mission and we see the success of others. there are leaders, APs, trainers, good missionaries, bad missionaries, and a ton of other things that we start to use to compare ourselves. to think that one missionary has more or less success, so god thinks or helps differently that person. but the bishop said that once we get over that habit of judging and comparing ourselves, and jsut getting to work for the LORD, that is when we really have begun. with a ton of baptisms, or very few. everyone is individual. we cant compare oursleves. but we can take what is good from other people and apply it. jsut when we have in mind that that doesnt make us better or worse. as you all know, I love it here. EVERYONE should serve a mission! it is the best, and it doesnt even matter that we are already over 100 degrees! okay, that does matter a little bit and its one thing that I wont miss here jajaj :) I love you all so much! Im short on time but I will write more later. elder marsh

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Another week down!

I hope no one got hurt yesterday because I couldn't write! That was due to the zone meeting we had yesterday. the whole city of obregon and navojoa joined up to see president for the LAST TIME!!!! this is his last transfer and he will be leaving :( they are going on the 29th of this month. everyone is pretty sad... but changes are meant for us to grow. We will soon have a new president who his just coming with his wife! they are older and wont be coming with any kids. pres velez says that he has a lot of experience. it is kind of exciting, but sad at the same time. but we had the chance to hug sister velez as she said bye to everyone! that was really cool and something we didnt expect. I love her so much! she kept good care of me mom, and always got on to me for stuff, just like you would ;) but we might be going to the temple soon so we will probably see them again before they head out. ANYWAYS! the work continues. and the heat rolls in! we are at about 41 celcius which is about 195 f. I realy havent gotten the conversion down but above 40 c is about 100 f. well, we had a baptism this passed week and elder ruiz and I were very happy! he is one of the best companions I have had and we always have fun together. But the area has been rough... we felt really blessed this week to baptize, even more from the way we had to work for it. nothing like the good old fashion faith! :) I would like to share with you guys something that pres told us yesterday. he was talking about how in this like, we convert ourselves in many ways. from bad to good to better and to saints. we move from each one of the steps only by means of the atonement. its different for everyone, but an example is stop smoking moves us from bad to good. being baptized moves us from good to better. and a lifelong dedication to the church, missionary, AND temple work make us SAINTS. President told us that there are people who have attained so much in question of blessings and knowledge of the lord that they simple cant be touched by sin or transgresion. only if they let themselves, but with so much to lose, they would even think it. The prophet is an example. president said that if you want to go shake the prophets hand and you go looking for him, everyone is going to direct you to his own bishop! no one can just simple walk up to the prophet. the adversary cant so easily attack him either. if men like the prophet and his apostles are the leaders in missionary work and in guiding the church, how blessed are we to know that they can never lead us astray! we will ALWAYS be blessed by following the prophet. it is our task, too, to because saints, like in mosiah 3:19 so that satan cont move us either. imagine if every father was truly a saint. the priesthood really would be magnified. I think our dad has done a good job so far :) I love you all and hope this can help someone out. I will drink lots of water and I will put sunscreen on every day := until next week, elder Marsh

Always love PICS!

Monday, June 4, 2012


another week down and it has been CRAZY! it has been a very rough time on the mission to this point.... Dont worry. mom Im alive and im still living in a house. I even have a bed! Im not sick, well, ya I do have a cold, but nothing deathly. i get along with my companion and the ward here is really big. (big in the sense of Sonora is 80 people on sunday). but the thing is, the work has been SO tough... It has been a little weird. I havent taught or found as many people so quickly in all of my mission as I have here. in these passed two weeks we have taught a ton of lessons and found almost 15 new people. including a family of 6!!! but no one has gone to church. no one has read. no one has prayed. my companion said that in this area, they were giving about 4 lessons A WEEK and there were no new investigators. he told me it was that difficult and that trying. I got here and there wasnt anyone to teach, and just a few families that my companion had met. but no one progressing really well. so, we went to work. from one week with 4 lessons, we ramped everything up and found a ton of new people and we are giving about 20 lessons a week. thats 5 times more work! the zone leaders were thrilled, because the other elders in my district are working hard too. but the thing is, the numbers dont count if no one progresses. if no one goes to church on sunday, it doesnt matter if we gave 4 lessons or 40. so after working like crazy these last two weeks, we are just tired. wiped out. I was thinking that we were drowning here. I didnt know what we were going to do... I have never prayed so hard in my mission to find someone new who really wanted to come unto christ. we fasted this weekend too, like always... and on sunday, everything was answered. we were teaching a couple, who were just living together, and having kids, but never being married. ( a very common problem...) but im not going to put names for what was going on. they had been together for 4 years, but fighting, fixing things, wanting to be married, but then fighting again. its because he has a few problems. with drinking, and because he is already married! so he needed to get divorced to be able to marry again. When I got here, they had just had a big fight, of which I cant include all the details. but they were done. about a few days later, they were in love, AGAIN, and this time wanted to get married so that they could be baptized together! well we were amazed and started letting everyone know! the man was going to get divorced lasted tuesday, and we were going to get them married that same day. tuesday came around, and the wife of the guy didnt show up... everyones heart had broken. my companion and I were lost. we had no idea what to do, because they needed to wait even more time to set up another appointment, and the change is already halfway done... we stopped by their house and read a part in the book of mormon. we told them that if they remember god, he would help them get through their afflicitions. so sunday came by. she came to church, but he never showed up. not a single one of the 15 people we had found came either... worn out, crest fallen, and hungry from our fast, ur investigator came up to us after the sacrament meeting and we found the answer to all of our hard praying and the huge blessing for having put our part for the lord. She said that he police came and took him to jail! he had drunken again, and she called the cops. she threw all his stuff outside the house, and filled a consent to not go near each other. she said that she realized everything that was going on and knew that it just wasnt right. she told us she just wants to be with her daughter and that she wants to prepare to be baptized on saturday! we knew that in that very moment, everyting had gone according to the LORDS plans. it was a BLESSING that they never got married, or the problems would have been worse. we thought that everything fell apart and that somewhere we were going wrong. but through faith, fast, and prayer, the lord really did bless us. and I can honestly tell you all that I didnt have a true testimony of what is a fast until this sunday. and Ill never forget what happpened. I think it was one of the most spiritual events of all of my mission. The lord really does watch over us, take care of us, bless us, and try us. and he listens. now can you all see why I dont want to go home? because this is my life :) I love you all so much. Oh, and I sent pictures! some members lent us bikes here and mine came with the virgin mary sticker. she has kept me safe on my adventures ;) I love you all! we wil talk next week elder Marsh

More pics of the one and...well you know!!!!

Pictures of the one and only....Elder Marsh!!!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Hey mom!

Howd the week long party go in vegas!!! Im going to add a disclaimer to this email. everytime I put the dollar sign, it is a question mark. It cuz the questionmark doesnt work on this computer jaja. Anyways, Cass told me you guys had a good time! In the mission in vegas, the strip is counted to be "outside" of the mission and they send missionaries home for going there! But Im glad you guys enjoyed yourselves. But I think I had a better week ;) Well the work is moving. But very slowly right now. We had all the blessings og the Lord with all of the baptisms lately, but now we have to work hard. We had a really spiritual week and everything was great. We taught a lot of people and everyone was going to come to church. Well sunday came around and no one showed up... :( We were bummed out because they were some pretty solid people. We learned a lot about the book of mormon and the power it has to convert. Even though our investigators didnt complete, we still did our part. I feel good knowing that I learned a lot this week, and that our investigators still have next sunday to come. In our district meeting, we talked a bit about the book of mormon and its power. Something cool that happened this last week is that with a few investigators, we left a chapters to read in the book of mormon. With those commitments, they did follow through. And we saw a huge difference in attitude towards the church, learning, and completing with God. Mosiah 3 is a strong chapter. It was strong enough to help 2 different people understand the same thing. Gods love is HUGE! Very simply, he gave us the way, through Chirst to go back home. If we understand how big that love is, and what we really mean to Him, lives can change. We understand better WHY we need to go to church. We feel desirous to do what is right and follow the ONLY pathway back to him. Gods love is the same as from a parent to a child. I am amazed to see how he knows us and knows how to speak to us through the book of mormon. I learned also that if every chapter has about 25 verses more or less. And EVERY time I read the same chapter of the book of mormon with an investigator, they always understand something personal in a different verse. God has about 25 chances to get to our hearts every chapter. With about 200 or more chapters, he can teach us what we need to know. I love that book! Sometimes im tired in the morning, sometimes I dont feel like reading, or studying, but when I sit back and think about where the book of mormon came from, how it got here, what its message is, and what I have learned from it opens everything up. It talks about forgiveness. Spouses can learn from that and have a happier marriage by putting that in practice. It teaches that the spirit tells us what to do and how to be safe. Every youth can take that in account with problems and influences in school. It has everything! And part of my preaching is giving it away for free... The church is true! The book of mormon is too. I love you all and hope you make the most out the the book of mormon. Im and alive, breathing, and not dying of hunger. So dont worry mom, Im okay :) I love you. Elder Marsh

Monday, April 23, 2012

Heating up in Hawaiimas!!!

Hey everyone!!! Well I am nice a sunburnt today from a service project we did this morning. We went to help out a member put a roof up from sheet metal and it was HOT! And it is only getting started jaja. We had another baptism this passed weekend!!! A lady that got baptized my first week her has a few kids that arent members that we are working with and Aranza was baptized last friday. Her mom and step dad went to hermosillo this wekend and participated in baptisms for the dead!! So it is an exciting time for that family :) Aranza was a blast teaching because she always has a ton of energy but learns really quickly. She even memorized scriptures all by herself! We were thrilled to finally be able to baptize her after a few months of dropping the batismal dates for holidays and trips to the beach jaja. As for me, I sleep better at night with my big quilt that you sent me mom jaja. Its true, it is way hot here, but the house gets cold at night because we turn on the ac :) That is great that you guys are going to Las Vegas it is just a few miles outside of my mission :) Mom, come stop by and I can show you around! You can eat tacos with cows eyes and cahuamanta which is a soup with manta ray ;) Im sure you would love it here in Guaymas jaja. Take pictures of the ball! But cut ryan out of the pictures jaaja Im joking, its just that cassidy is porbably going to end up on that long list of people in the ward who are getting married soon... and it makes me sad jaja because she is my little sister. But in another way, I have a reason for telling people here not to call me "brother in law" because I can say to them her boyfriend is a pilot jajaja :) But that is when a member said to me "thats ok, im not jealous" jaja :) Well this passed week and the coming one, we have a lot of work to do with the ward. I have learned a valuble lesson in Home Teaching! There are a lot of in actives here because they didnt get visited after their baptism. So we are going to have to help out the ward in that aspect of home teaching visits to get things moving again in Barrio Bahia! Because right now we are running low on investigatores. But I felt great on Sunday because all of the converts that we have here so far showed up for sacrament meeting. That was cool for me because a lot of them were gone or working for what is known here as easter. I have also had the chance to see, feel, and know that we have a Father in Heaven who really does know us! We dont need to look any more than the scriptures to see that. In the Old testament, there are plagues, strict laws, and harsh punishments to keep everything together. In the New Testament, love, sacrifice, and missionar work. In the Book of Mormon, it is almost an infinate number of times that it talks about God being Merciful. So, has he changed who he is or what he does? No! But just like a parent cant raise two kids in the same way, God needs to raise his kids in a way the suits everyone. Some kids with a tough punishment, others with just talking things out. I have also come to know that he loves each and every one. Just for being a human being. The bad ones and the good ones. This church is amazing :) It is the only church that God has authorized to be on this earth. And I get to teach people everyday about it :) I love everyone at home so much, and Mom, tell everyone to chill out about the marriage thing in the stake! There wont be anyone left to hang out with when I get home jajaj. I´ll jsut have to come back to Sonora ;) I love you! Elder Marsh PS, how is the family study on the book of mormon going ?

Monday, April 16, 2012

Drumroll please....

So after nearly 5 months, getting sent to abandon, risked being destroyed, being opened TWO times, and having every single morsel of candy taken out, THE MISSION FAMOUS LOST PACKAGE OF ELDER MARSH HAS FINALLY ARRIVED!!! Im sporting the van heusen ties from the lesley´s and the nice new bedspread :) I am one happy elder. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE GIFTS AND THE LOVE! I put a few pictures of my awesome family in my scriptures. And the letters from the primary were AWESOME! But about half of them are from the Morden´s and they say that they dont know me jjaja :) But I was really happy to hear from everyone :) So in the end, it was here in Guaymas with a 15 wait period. Which I knew nothing about. I had plans on returning back on a monday to find out what I could do. The 15 days ran out and thats when it was rejected. So the whole mission office was upset with me saying that I refused the package and didnt even want it. But at last, it got here with a ton of tape that said "opened for Customs purposes". But everyone can relax now because I is finally here :) Well, Guaymas keeps on giving! We have a baptism planned this week for an 11 year old girl who is WAY smart! And she is just barely older than Claud by a few months ;) The first time we went to teach her, we left her a chapter in the book of mormon and she memorized 1 Nephi 3:7!! Her name is a Aranza and she will be entering the waters of baptism on friday at 6 pm :) We have had a pretty average week filled with ups and downs with the work, blessings, contacts, and the spirit. Elder Cabrera and I have been really blessed by the Lord and if it wasnt for him, we would be wandering in circles in this area. IT seems like every time we go knocking doors, it is tough to find people. But thats right when we find someone waiting in a part member family or an awesome reference :) My district is doing really well, too! They are the Zone Leaders and they are in a tough area. Two companionships ago, there werent any baptisms. The last companionship baptized, but had a tough time finding people. Now Elder Scott and Elder Dewey are finding ton of new people and are also being blessed. I love when my district has investigators because I love doing baptismal interviews :) And the week that I finally bring my cable to pass pictures, I didnt charge my camera!! So next week it will have to be :) I love you all so much! Elder Marsh

Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Holy Week!!!

You wrote me just in time because I just sat down to write!

Well here in Sonora there is a very special way of celebrating what we know in the united states to be Easter. Here, it is called Holy Week. It is a two week vacation from work and from school and EVERYONE goes to the beach. To drink. A LOT! It gets so crazy that the send the Marines to make sure that it doesnt get out of hand. But there is one really cool aspect about la Semana Santa. Every day of the week they put a ton a bible movies on tv. And so one night we went to a members house for family home evening and they were watching an animated movie about Moses :) I got to see the last part when he splits the red sea and everyone passes by. It actually motivated me to study a bit more about moses and other miracles that he did. I missed the easter eggs and the chocolates, but what I am doing and learning in the mission is so much more important! 

So last week we went to the temple and it was such a beautiful experience. I learned so much and we saw a huge impact on our way of working that week. We could testify powerfully about the purpose of this life and why it is important to learn of Christ to be able to get back home one day. Unfortunately I cant give too many details on that trip, but it was amazing and needed. And it being in spanish was crazy! :)

I survived the transfer again! My companion did, too. But we got two new members. The area of the zone leaders go white washed, shotgunned, or however they called it in the states haha. I think it is called whiting here, I cant remember. And so I am here to help out the new zone leaders get things rolling here in Guaymas. It is way cool here. And very different from about every other area I have had. But I love it! There are some members that love us a lot, and we have the coolest converts here. Even though everyone is partying on the beach, there are a lot of people who treat us great. That´s what I love about this mission. Everyone loves the missionaries! :)

In my studies this week of the scriptures, I chose to look at things more in detail about Moses and the things that went on with the Isrealites. And I think I have to say that anyone who has ever had a kid knows what Moses felt like!!! I saw that it was a challange for him not to blow up and scream at everyone! the Isrealites complained and moaned at every turn, even when the Lord had spared their lives. But what I like the most was that every miracle was so simple. Now if you think that opening up an entire sea so that thousands of people could walk on dry land is too rough even for a jedi, just look at HOW it was done. The Lord sent a mighty windstorm the divided the sea in two parts. Just a huge gust of wind! Another miracle. After crossing the sea, the isrealites complain about being thirsty and not being able to drink from the bitter waters that they found a little while later. So Moses chops down a tree, chucks it it, and the waters turn sweet. And the Manna? It was just rain! And so we see that miracle can be so simple. Moses just exercised his faith and the Lord provided in very simple ways. Prophets are the best! Moses wasnt any different than President Monson. Just an ordinary prophet. can you imagine camping for 40 years with president Monson? :)

Well I will let you all know if anything else comes up about the famous mission-wide lost package of Elder Marsh. I love everyone so much! Im glad everyone had a good time for easter and for clauds birthday! I am going to buy something really cool for here here in my area :) I love you claud and have fun being 11!!! And write me back :) As for everyone else, keep on keeping on because the summer is right around the corner :)

Con mucho amor, Elder Marsh

Monday, April 2, 2012

The field is white!!!

Hello family!!! CONFERENCE WAS AMAZING!!! Every talk touched such a critcal point in our personal and family lives. Not judging or criticizing, teaching children the principles of agency, looking to the scriptures and personal revelation as the oars and sails of our lives, and, as always, the importance of having a living prophet on the earth. I hope you guys go back and study those talks, because I never learned anything from a conference talk that I didnt study afterwards.
TOMORROW WE WILL GO TO THE TEMPLE!!! We were blessed to have 5 baptisms this month and will be attending the temple tomorrow :)))) It is the first time since the mtc, in sonora, and in SPANISH! it will be so cool :)

And thats when they SHOULD give me the package as well! So I can finally see why you wanted me to have it so badly, mom, :) tomorrow is going to be such a good day. 

There were some great moments of conference this month. I loved when president monson bestowed his blessings on EVERYONE and he did circles around the room with his finger :) I love that te prophet is so much more than a living prophet, but a prophet who LIVES. He is lively and always has a joke. His young hearted examples and childhood stories help teach the doctrine in such a unique way. Learning from him that I am on the LORDS errand, and being so, I amd entitled to the LORDS help when I do what is right, went straight to my heart. I KNOW that our prophet really does receive direct revelation for everyone. All over the world. We arent like the little toy boats from his talk. Without rudders, sails, or captains. Free to come and go with the current. No, we have all of those tools to make our way though the troubles, because out Father in Heaven loves us and want us to succeed!

Being here is the best decision I have ever made. A mission call is the BEST calling of the whole church, and I only have a few months left! Thank you so much my wonderful family for your love and support and all that you do. KEEP READING THE BOOK OF MORMON AS A FAMILY! Dont stop reading it, no matter what. The spirit will be more present in our home if you keep it up. 

I love you all and I will be praying for you in the temple tomorrow. Be good everyone!

Elder Marsh
From Hawaiimas haha thats how everyone says guaymas here because its like the beach part of sonora :)

Monday, March 26, 2012


Still trying!!‏

Hey mom, well I really have no idea of what to do with the package. customs and the agency the does all the tramit work havent lifted a finger. And then they never call back of anything. And the thing is that they are on the other side of the city. It takes forever to get there and then we wait the whole afternoon. We might run over there in a bit to see whats up. But they have the package opened up and just sitting there. They flat out told me that it isnt worth paying for. anbd then they never even told me how much it is going to cost... But Ill call is a sec to see whats up.. As far as the work goes, we had an incredible week!! Elder Cabrera and I had three baptisms this passed week! Aaron, Laura, and another young man named Edwin were all baptized this past weekend. It was a spiritual experience to see how we were blessed for our efforts. They are all very strong people and are going to stay active. Aaron and his wife already want to go to the temple, but they still have to wait another year. I already told Aaron that I would come back next year after my mission to go to the sealing ceremony and everything :) They are both very happy. I am going to try to send some pictures right now. General Conference is this weekened!!! Everyone has to watch every session, or it doesnt count! At home I never sat down to watch all the sessions. But here on the mission, I cant imagine why anyone wouldnt because it is the word of God every 6 months. They are newer and for our time. It was said once that the words of the living prophet are more important than any prophet that has died. So lewts watch it all :) I have grown to really like it a lot. I love you all a lot and I miss claudias weekly emails! she hasnt written me in so long! She probably already got married :) And I will check about the package in a little bit. I love you all! Elder Marsh

Monday, March 19, 2012

hello from SAN CARLOS!

WEll mom, I have some good news and some bad news about the package. The good news is that I know where is is!! it is sitting there with customs on the other side of town. The bad news is that they opened it up and told me flat out that is isnt worth paying what they are going to charge me (which they havent told me) for whats in it. And today is a holiday and they are probably closed. So I think that it will just have to sit there until they decide to throw it out because I dont want you to have to pay hundreds of dollars for something that costs a lot less. What happened is that it sat in dhl in hermosillo and passed the two week mark for someone to go pick it up. then without saying anything, they sent it here to guaymas and it sat here for 2 months. passed two months it goes into "abandon" and you have to pay to get it out. and the fact that it came from the states means that I needed a tramit to get it. The thing is no one on the ´customs part helped much. they kind of played around and wasted time doing what takes a day in about a week to eat up more time. Just to tell me in the end that they cant just give it to me. Oh well.... You just have to be sure to not send whatever it was that didnt get through this time. because they wont tell me anything, just that it isnt worth paying for. :( So thats that about the famos lost package of elder marsh. (it actually picked up a bit of fame here in the mission haha). In other news, GUAYMAS is really picking up!!! I have lots of pictures to send you guys but I left the little cord in the house. But we just had a baptism last week and two more this week! I feel pretty good about that seeing how I barely have 2 weeks in this area :) We are teaching some AWESOME people right now. Some of the best on the mission. There is a young woman who was baptized about a year ago, but it wasnt time for her husband. we we sat there the first sunday and thats when he decided to join his wife. We chatted a bit after church and set up an appointment for the following tuesday. Thats when he accepted baptism and shared with us and his wife how much he wants to clean things up ín his life and end up with his family forever. Thats what he learned in the sunday school class, the plan of salvation. And so now he is waiting anxiosly for it to be friday, the day of his baptism. But the fact that he has waited these two wéeks is pretty cool seeing how he wanted to get baptized the day we met him!! Another cool experience I had this week was that the chose me to give a talk on sunday. And seeing how it was the anniversary of the relief society, that was the theme they gave me hahaha. I had NO idea what I was going to say. But then I got ahold of thatr new book called "daughters in me kingdom" and whoa. That changed everything. That book is AMAZING. I felt me testimony growing of a part of the church that never really called my attention. the relief society! But the talk went great. All the sisters cried, and I got to talk 10 minutes about my own mother and how much she helped me before coming on my mission :) Really mom, you did a great job. For all the times you had to get on to me for little things, you helped me out a lot. I love you :) well I will see about what I can do about the package. If I find anything out i will write you again this week. I love you all and we will chat next week. This time with pictures of the beach in San Carlos :) hve you guys been there? Elder Marsh

Monday, February 27, 2012


So I officially NOT in Obregon now! Do you guys remember when I was in Huatabampo a while back? well we always went to a little city called Navojoa to meetings and stuff like that. Well I did my time in the little tiny ranches and didnt want to go back to that zone unless I went to the city navojoa. And well, here I am! My ward is Deportiva in Navojoa. I love it here! I got sick of the city and missed looking at the unpaved road, dogs wandering in the streets, injured, hungry, and that AWESOME, homely sound of mariachi :) hahaha! I am really glad to be on this part of the map again. I feel great to be here again :) And I get along well with my companion! He has been out for quite some time now. I might kill this one too haha.
The bus ride was only about an hour and I left a little after 9 this morning. Thats why I got to write today as well. Haha, and mom, im on the country side of the mission again, and the city here is much safer. I didnt tell you in january just not to scare you, but in january, obregon won the number one spot of the most bloodiest cities in sonora. It even beat nogales! there were about 56 deaths, and 10 shootings in the city in just that month. But here in Najovoa, its pretty quiet :) The only other city that is worse off than obregon that is close by is tijuana. 

So I am very glad to be here in the new area. I have always been put in the best areas of the mission. I have a humble companion too. So I think we are going to be very successful this transfer :) I cant help but feel like the lord has given me a very big blessing after being put through a trial. I was really getting bumbed out for a while. But I feel good with a new start :)

Well thats about it for me. The package is still a work in progress.... But call the office and let me know whats up. Ill be waiting for the mission call! I just want it to read over and study a bit. Im safe, alive, and ready to work :)

Love you all so much!!

we will talk more next week.

Elder Marsh

Monday, February 20, 2012

Jake would rather be a missionary then a student! What a guy!

Hey mom! Well, the package is here in the mission. I saw president the other week and he called the missionaries in the offices and told them that to go to dhl and find out how much they were gonna charge to release the package. They didnt get back in time to let me know how much, but im pretty sure that it is sitting in the offices until someone goes up there. And in fact, there is a greenie counsel this week and they sent the new missionaries up there. so if it is there, they should come back with it! thats what I am hoping!

And I talked with cass about byu and all of that. That is great that she got in! Now we just have to see if she doesnt get married in the months she is going to wait to go... ;)

I would LOVE to be able to go with here! I need to come back home and get going with the act because I need to start school and all of that. and the time frame works out too to start in the spring term. That sounds like a great idea. But id rather be a missionary forever instead of a student :)

Well things are pretty slow around here. When we finally can put an appointment, they cancel on us. The investigator that is going to church works too much in the week to see him. And we are going into the last week of the change. Ive been in Mayo for SIX MONTHS now! I cant believe it. Its been so long haha but it has gone by very fast. I was a bit bummed out this month because we started off with a bunch of new investigators and we thought we were going to have a lot of success in February. Finishing up the month and the transfer, fruitless :( But this week I need to work hard to leave the area in good shape for the new missionary who gets here, or the be able to baptize in the next change.

I tried speaking english a bit yesterday with some other gringo elders in the zone and I just couldnt! My english is WORSE than what it was in December! I just cant speak that language anymore. I guess I´ll just stay in mexico forever :)

Today we joined up the 2 zones in the city. We were like 30 missionaries. We played 11 vs 11 soccer, zone vs. zone. It was way cool! Could would have loved to be there :) We lost, but we had a great time either way.

Well thats about all the is going on down here in Obregon. This might be the last email I send from this city! I really dont want to leave here. I love obregon! So I will let everyone know next monday. If I dont get the chance to write, youll know why! Its because I got changed. Not because the drug cartels grabbed me ;)

Love you all!

Monday, February 13, 2012


Hey mom! So you rarely catch me on the computer because we always have different plans on monday and we do something new. So thats why it varies at what time I get on to send mail. So yeah :)
In other news, I talked to pres velez about the package and he sent some missionaries to find out at the dhl office. I personally think that the elders up there have it and it is sitting in the office until the zone leaders go back up to hermosillo. But yeah it should be there by now and pres just forgot to get back to me about it.
So yesterday, sunday, was a great day at church. We had a few new investigators go to church, and not one of them were the ones we though were going to go jaja. One member brought a friend and a man that we taught last week showed up too. We talked to him about the family and temples when we taught him, and that is exactly what wa talked about on sunday. He left very happy and I think it did him a lot of good. If we can teach him again this week, we will probably invite him to be baptized. I love working as a missionary, but I dont love that summer is coming back! It is starting to warm up again... So we should have an interesting week with a lot of work. Keep the prayers going so that the people will be baptized :)
I learned something pretty cool this week. The stake president here said that when a missionary is released, it says something in the prayer about the service selflessly offered among the children of heavenly father. And I love that. Serving selflessly is something that I will have in mind all this week when I am tempted or when I dont feel like waking up on time. I am serving the children of God, without thinking of myself or what I want, rather what He wants and what his children need. Even in moments of depression, the spirit is unforgettable in the mission.
and about the socks, dont worry mom :)
I love you all SOOO much. you are always in my prayers. Im still alive, and very safe. I im with some converts at their house and they say hi and that the love me a lot :) just so that you know mom that they are taking care of me here in mexico :)
until next week!
Elder Marsh

Monday, February 6, 2012


Hey mom! well I wrote that about the socks thing because there isnt a store that sells a ton of them in one pack like costco here where I am. You have to buy them pair by pair. thats wh I thought of that. But I will probably end up buying some anyways. I think there is a sams club here in obregon, but I haven been there. I might go by today.
And regarding the package, the mission home called me and said that they were going to send missionaries to the DHL office in hermosillo to get it. I think they are going to charge them to pick it up. But the elder said he would call me when they have it. That was last week. So I will just have to wait until the zone leaders go back to hermosillo. And I bought some other stuff online from the church store and have it sent to a sister in the ward here. It was really funny because we went to her house to let her know a package was going to come, and when we got to her house, it had JUST arrived and she freaked out because she wants waitingfor a package. She ended up thinking it was a bomb or something hahah. But we explained and ended up laughing with her for a few minutes.

So we are 3 weeks into this transfer and I am not liking how fast the time flies. days quickly melt into weeks, and weeks into transfers, stransfers to months, and before I even noticed, I have been out for 14 months in the mission! I have loved my time here, and I want it to slow down a bit. I am not even looking forward to the 15th of every month because it means a week closer to home :( I do miss the cold and the mountains and snowboarding, but the mission is such a unique place. I learn something more every day.

So lately I have been able to partake in a very special blessing. The guy that we baptized in December, Guadalupe, has had such a great progress in the church. He goes to every activity, he is going to sign up for institute, and he gets to church early to bless the sacrament. This sunday was special, because it was fast and testimony meeting, and those are ALWAYS my favorite. I challenged him to bear his testimony and agreed on the condition that I bore mine first. So I got up and shared an experience from earlier that week. And while I spoke, he stood up, and moved his way up front. His testimony was the most sincere and spiritual that I had ever heard. It was one of those moments when the spirit doenst just make himself present in the room, he breaks down the walls! I wont ever forget that moment nor how the spirit testified as well of the truthfullness of the church and the reality of the atonement. Repentance does exist. And ONLY though christ. But when it starts to tae effect, it is a powerful, lasting change of heart that works quicker and more effectively than anything else in this world in changing a human heart. Its because the atonement doesnt change just actions. It changes habits, thoughts, feelings, and the purpose of our lives. It sets our focus on christ, and gives us strength to reach that platform of perfection where he dwells. But not alone, rather with our families too. God is perfect and he lives. 

I love all of you at home. Hugs and kisses.

Elder Marsh

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

hey mom :)

Im sorry about not getting to all of your questions! Its that I get distracted sometimes in telling you about the things going on here and the other stuff escapes me. I am sad to report that the package hasnt made it to the mission office :( A few elders went last week to the mission home and they looked for me. They called me on the phone and there was nothing there :( But if you call DHL or whoever you sent the package with, you should be able to locate it. I will refer to the old motto of the family "Ask dad. He will know." :) But I still alive and the package will get here someday. Dont worry too much mom :) I know you still love me, a package from home doesnt need to say it.

Anyways, we started off this 6 week transfer with another baptism! Do you guys remember a while back we baptized a young woman named Cinthia? Well it turns out that all along her mom was an inactive member, so we pulled her records over and she now belongs to our ward. We have to work a lot with her to get her back to church, but the fact that she is a member helped us a ton in baptizing their little brother Fransisco! He entered the waters of baptism on the 21st of January, and wanted to jump in again because it was so cool :) he is 12 years old and will start passing the sacrament next sunday. He even wants to serve a mission! He steals our nametags on sunday and wears them around the chapel haha. That little blessing from the Lord helped us to gain a new focus and get started on another 6 weeks. There are people that we have been teaching for a while who need to get going on commitments, and there are new people we need to find as well. I feel good about the coming weeks and I think we will see even more success. This baptism helped me to see even more that "the field is white, ready to harvest," like it says in D and C section 4. Or in other words, there really are people waiting who are just weeks away from baptism. We still just havent met them :)

So it wasnt my turn to train this time around, but a new missionary arrived to the district. His name is Elder Herron from Mesa Arizona. In other words, he literally lives a busride aways from the mission! He got here with a pretty good feel for spanish, so we are happy about that. Oftentimes gringos get here not knowing much spanish and the close up and dont say much. But not this Elder. He is a cool guy and way excited to be here. And it is a little funny to see someone who is in the same place where I was a year ago. A lot of times we cant take notice of our own progress in the days that go by, but month after month, year after year, we can see that the Lord has ALWAYS blessed us. He has given everyone certain and unique gifts and talents. Something that the mission has done for me is help me, firstly, learn what those gifts are. and secondly, put them to work!! President Eyring said in his book To Draw Closer To God that as soon as we use our abilities and talents to help others, we will feel the love of God for those people, and his love for us while we are serving them. Learning what our talents are takes hard work, and uncertain steps. I know I have fallen a lot in my search to find those abilities, but know that I know a few, I can be a more effective and useful missionary.

I have seen that God has made me a happy person. I always try to smile and make other people feel good about themselves, no matter how sad they are. That gift has helped me have success in my mission. Also, the ability to search, find, and follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost is a gift that EVERYONE has. But it needs to be developed. But these two gifts, when used together and in the spirit of prayer, are what have really made the mission for me. I love it here!

I love you all som much and I hope everyone is fine. Sorry for writing so late! We had a get together yesterday for an Elder who had his birthday, and we coundnt write, because I was grilling the meat for the tacos :) But yeah mom, call for the package, because I am sure it is somewhere.

And I need a favor. If someone from the ward wants to send me some new socks, I would appreciate it :)

Love you all!

Elder Marsh :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Hello Family

Cambios came and no one got moved! Elder Islas and I are staying here in Mayo for another 6 weeks so that we can be more successful and keep things rolling.

So this past Sunday we had a special version of stake conference. Every few year, a special broadcast is sent out for the Area of mexico. Elder Oaks and a few other 70's talked to the northern part of the country and discussed some issues about what the country could do to be closer to God and to receive more blessings of the Lord. Above all the themes, they talked most about tithing, chastity, and the temple. They also talked a lot about love and obedience, which helped me to see things in better light about the mission. 

The thing is, when a missionary has been out for a while, things arent so new. Contacting is easy. Spanish isnt as hard. Teaching isnt as much of a challenge. So that missionary can start thinking about other things because his mind isnt that worried about what to say or to do. This can be a blessing or a struggle. With a mind more free, a missionary can worry more about a district or training a greenie. So now with a year in the mission, more in tune with the routine, I find myself in that position. But I quickly learned that I need to give ALL that I am. I need to give the best of me. In my relationship with my companion, in my way or working in the area, with the members. I need to keep better track of time and do things how the Lord has said. Obedience is KEY in the mission, not to be successful, because every missionary who works is going to baptize, obedient or not. But without obeying and really focusing on the work, you cant make good use of you time and you just dont progress as a child of God in this test of life.

The mission really is the best thing that has happened to me. I love it so much!  I forget sometimes to enjoy the little things. Like being in a foreign country, speaking another language, meeting cool people to teach. And above it all, giving the best of who I am so that the Lord and bless me. 

I read a cool scripture this week that helped me find more purpose to my mission. It is Ether 12:4 I really do hope for a better world, a better mission, a better area, a better companion. Not new areas and companions, but areas and companions who are better now than they were, before I met them.  Being obedient is an act of love and faith that gives us more hope. That hope is then turned into an impulse and we find that all along we are living exactly in accordance with the will of our Father.

I love you guys so much and we will see each other soon :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Time rolls by...

I´m closing in on 13 months and loving every minute! The mission is a roller coaster of emotions, events, learning, everything! We are entering the last week of the transfer, and there are a ton of things that can happen. Elder Islas and I started off 3 months ago with no one to teach and nothing to do. Two transfers and two converts later, there are a lot of people to teach and more to be found! Our teaching pool is really divers right now with people of all ages with VERY different problems. But only one solution. Come to Christ and be baptized :)

Four new people went to church which is a REALLY good number. Everyone found a friend and loved it a lot :) We are going to pray and seek guidance to set baptismal dates for those people this week. I love to see the area with such success after being left here with nothing. Hard work pays off. It really does. I feel great with what I have been able to do for the Lord and if he needs me somewhere else this transfer, I will trust that he knows what he is doing.

I am pretty excited this time to get the transfer call. 11 missionaries are going home and 17 are coming to the mission! I am hoping to be able to train this time around. It will probably be rough, but there are always people to baptize and lessons to learn.

Well I hope you guys are posting letter and pictures on time so everyone can read! I love my dear family so much and I am glad to be here with the great opportunity to serve the Lord.

With love, Elder Marsh

PS. The package hasnt come yet :( It should be in the mission home. It it is, I will have it next week.

PPS. I started typing in spanish about halfway through every sentence in this email :)

Monday, January 2, 2012


Hola familia!!!

So 2011 drew to an end the heat started up again!! We spent the weekend comfortably in 80 degrees. IN DECEMBER. Oh how I love sonora :)

Well this year has really been something that I could not have expected. The mission is NEVER what you think it is going to be. And, while there are many things I wish I could change about how the mission is, (the missionaries, specifically,) there are so many blessings that I have seen. Other than picking up a strange accent and saying "carls jr" pretty funny, the mission has made me completely different.

We closed the year 2011 with a baptism and confirmation! Guadalupe´s sister, Selene was baptized and confirmed this past week. That was really something special to see after the trials and family pressure she faced to be able to enter the waters of baptism. But it really is a miracle when you can see that converts start to understand things by themselves. When they really do put their faith in God and take a blind step to see all the blessings and happiness that are waiting.

As for me, I am learning how important it is to do things the Lords way. He knows how to protect us and to keep us from causing harm. It can be a struggle sometimes, but being focused on serving the Lord with ALL you heart, might, mind, and strength means just that. I know that if a missionary is distracted, he cant work with the spirit. But I have also learned that when you complete with the Lord and do what is right, then the blessings always come. I know that the commandments keep us safe. Big ones, small ones, and even the ones that only apply for 2 years.

Something cool that I have seen in the mission is the importance of being grateful. Guadalupe asked me how someone can be happy all the time (because I always tell everyone to be happy and grateful with what God gives us) and the way that I have found to work is just giving thanks where thanks are due. God does SO much for us and when we start to look for his hands in our lives, we can really see that he is there. We feel less alone. We feel uplifted. We are simply filled with happiness, because that is a fruit of the spirit. Another thing is not getting down on yourself when you slip up. Everyone does. Even I do. Before the mission. On the mission. But when we start to get feel bad and we get stuck in that mode of thinking, we stop trusting in God. We forget that the Atonement covers all. I love the principle of repentance and how we show that we are changed because when we trust in God and fix our mistakes, he helps us out! He doesnt condemn us or make us suffer. So being grateful and trusting in God even when we fall are 2 ways to be more happy with our lives and to have the spirit closer :)

The holidays have passed. The people have stopped drinking. The left over menudo is almost gone, and we can finally get back to work. Then mission ROCKS. I love it :) But this end will come to and end soon as well. Before that happens, I need to keep serving the Lord so that I can be what he needs when I get home. I love you all so much. It made me so happy to talk to all of you on Christmas. I hope 2012 is even better than 2011 for the Marsh family and for everyone I love back at home :)

With love,

Elder Marsh