Monday, December 12, 2011

One year!

This week I complete ONE YEAR! The time has gone by way to fast and I cant believe this time last year we were buying stuff, packing, and giving farewell talks in sacrament. Road trip to Utah, snow, the Temple in Salt Lake, Papa and Beverly, dad spilling his Wendy´s ice cream in the car, all of it! Then Wednesday came and I entered the MTC. It all goes by too fast!

The ward asked us to speak this passed Sunday and it was great. I talked about the influence of the Holy Ghost and how when we follow him, God makes us into what we need to be. Thinking back on the years and how the mission has gone, I have learned so much, thanks to the spirit. The ward laughed when I said I used to have long hair, a beard, and played in a rock band. :) In my talked, I ended up sharing the scripture mastery scripture (whoo Seminary!) Mosiah 3:19 that talks about how anyone can become more like Christ by following the Holy Ghost.

The Holy Ghost is what moves everything! He is so important and critical in missionary work and in everyday life. This weekend, Guadalupe was baptized and received the Holy Ghost. It was by that same Spirit that we found him in his house, sitting at his table, doing homework. We knocked on his door and the Gospel changed his life. I learned a lot from teaching him. It was a great blessing from the Lord when he was baptized. He is super tall, and well, the water in the font didn't fill fast enough, so he had to kneel down to be baptized! But it was way cool.

The mission is great! I miss you guys and I hope you are enjoying the Christmas season. It really is the best and no one does Christmas like Sacramento Stake! Here in the ward, everyone is leaving for christmas. So they arent going to do much :( oh well.

Take care! I love you all.

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