Monday, December 5, 2011

The "cold" finally came!

So the weather has cooled down drastically and we even have to take out our sweaters now. But then at midday we put them back in the house because it is hot again haha. But Sonora continues being my favorite spot in the world right now.

Changes rolled around yesterday and EVERYONE got mixed around like crazy. But it is awesome because I have had 5 comps in the mission. 2 of them went home, but the 3 who are here still are all going to be in the same district! Elder Ticona and Elder Rosales are come to the same stake, same district. So I will be able to see some old friends again. As for me, I will be in Barrio Mayo until Christmas :) That is what I wanted in the end, so I am happy.

Speaking of Christmas! It is right around the corner!! In just a few short weeks it will be here. Elder Islas and I are planning on buying santa hats, Christmas ties, and a Christmas card and we are going to go sing to all of the people we know in the ward and in our teaching pool. I looking forward to it and whatever the members are going to have planned for us. We went to look for a little tree to put in the house, and we found a bunch of ornaments. We are going to buy lights too :)

As far as sending stuff in a box, I am happy with whatever! Ties. Lots of ties. You guys did great witht he birthday box and the california flag, so I trust in a good surprise this time too :) my companion wants a simple green hymn book in english if that could be possible. And maybe you could send, i dont know, candies or something small for the investigators. Whatever is fine :)

As far as the work is going, well, we are doing alright. Guadalupe is a guy that we found a few weeks ago who has gone to church a few times. His progress as far as book of Mormon and prayer is going more or less, but he really likes going to church and listening to the classes. After we taught him the plan of salvation, he started practising memorizing it. Then the next day he repeated it all back :) He is really cool and loves learning. But he likes to hang out a lot and invited us to go do stuff with him. He is a good friend and the simple fact that there is a good friendship between the missionaries and the investigators, he is interested in learning and growing more. I actually had a very spiritual moment with him last week when we were just chatting and he asked me "What does it feel like to be a missionary?" And I couldnt say anything. I didnt know what to say. Then I started thinking about why I am here, what it is I do, and the people that have been touched and changed by the simple love that God has for us. I concluded simply that if you like to see miracles, that is what it feels like to be a missionary. Every lesson, every investigator, even a simple contact can invite the spirit strongly and have an impact on the people, and on the missionary. Missionary work is seeing Miracles. And I only have one more year or seeing them! But Guadalupe is planned to be baptised this next weekend. But the thing is, that simple door contact led us to find more people. Guadalupe brought his sister to church, too, and she loved it! This really is the work of the Lord.

I know the work is true and I cant believe I am going to complete one year out. Time goesby WAY to fast! And I am looking forward to be able to call you guys too :)

I love you all! Go and watch the devotional from the first presidency from last night. It was awesome! It will help Mom not stress out for Christmas :)

Elder Marsh

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