Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Well I have three letters for ya. Tami has been hoarding letters. ;-) Here's Letter #3

Hey back home! I am learning so many things here in the mission. Trust in the Lord. Learning from my companion. Being the one in charge in really something else. I am learning quick that a missionary needs to have confidence and know how to work. I have been able to learn that no matter what, the Lord loves us. He wants to help. But he also lets us choose what it is we want to do and to be.

I have been noticing lately the importance of the family and what it is God thinks of the family. The past week I visited a lot of different types of families. Members, non members, families without priesthood. In Mosiah I have learned a lot about how to love people and how the increase the love that you have. This is my little advice for the week. Service, however big or small, will increase your love. Make the bed for your wife, clean the room of your sister, all of that with a grateful heart will increase your capacity to love others.

I love you all at home, and I am glad to be here in the mission. I have been able to learn so much and looking back on what I have been able to do and learn, I have loved every bit.

Until next week :) I love you all.

PS: I am sick of english. It is a lot harder than spanish. ;)

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