Monday, November 28, 2011

Who says there is no thanksgiving in mexico??

So we were working hard this past thursday, not expecting any kind of thanksgiving dinner, turkey, stuffing, cranberry suace, kind of day. Then we remembered that a family had invited us over for dinner that night! They said to come at 4 in the afternoon, but we were working at that time and could go. So we ended up there at 7, and Sam, a counselor of the bishopric was delayed at work and hadnt even arrived. So we got there just in time to enjoy all of the Thanksgiving favorites with a great family of the ward :) Sam is a gringo, too, and we had a hard time explaining to the mexicans what a pretzle is, because there were some involved in the dessert, and they dont even exist here!

Something that I had to learn one time on my mission was the importance of staying positive. It is something that I forgot and the Lord is reteaching me that same lesson. I am learning now that people are exactly how they are. Try as I might, I can never change they way my companion is, the way the ward is, the way the mission is, nothing! All I can do is serve everyone with love and do what is right. But more than that, I need to do it with happiness and from my heart. After almost a year out here, I have slacked on a lot. But the thing is, the atonement helps us to change everything. I havent been perfect, and sometimes I slip up more than others. But I am glad to always be able to change.

And mom, I am not sure if my last letter got to you, but I didnt hear from you this week. You might have missed the email I sent. But I will be letting you know in a few weeks from where we are going to call you if they dont change me! Because the transfer ends this week.

So reflecting on this week, and thinking about the sad things, the happy things, the struggles, and my own progress, I could see that I have grown in a big way. That way is the most basic, but most critical aspect of being a missionary. And its teaching. Being able to listen to the spirit, find scriptures, share experiences, EVERYTHING that involves teaching has been and still is the best part of being a missionary. Forming questions, making invitations, I love all of it! And in this year I think that is what I have done best. Establish quickly trustful relationships with investigators, find what they need, and present them the doctrine. That is why being focused in the mission is so important. Because teaching isnt just in those 45 minutes with the investigator, but you need to be thinking and praying constantly for them! Thats how the spirit guides you to teach what is needed. I love the mission :) So with that taken care of, I think what the Lord is teaching me now is being mature, but being myself. And more importantly, helping others in a loving way. I have done a lot. But I have a lot to do. And we learn what to do better by prayer.

I love and miss you guys. I always pray for you. I am fine, living, and loving the mission. So dont worry too much, Mom ;) We will talk soon. Just hang in there. You just have to wait one more year. And I only have a year left, in which I have much progress to make.

With love from MEXICO!

Elder Marsh

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