Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Letter #1

October 17, 2011

Im sorry I didnt write home last week! The mail service was down when we came to write and it was already late in the day. So I didnt have the chance to write!

Anyways, things are still going here! It is my companions LAST WEEK in the mission and its well... Interesting. We will have to see how the week goes! We should have a few baptisms for this weekend too! In fact, last week we had a baptismal service for Bianca! Teaching her and Cynthia ( who will be baptized this weekend) was always such a great experience. We always had the spirit teaching them. I have learned here that, in question of teaching investigators, that when people really DESIRE to know and to act, teaching them is so easy. Acceptance of the Gospel isnt a problem. Bianca was baptized and will soon recieve a calling in the ward! She had the chance to reflect on the weeks of teaching and kept noting her stage fright type nervousness during her service. But once she enter the font, everything was calm and happy, becuase there was a primary activity before the service, and a TON of kids sat right in front of the font to watch. She loves kids a lot, so she felt the Spirit in her baptism and was very happy :) I was blessed as well to be able to feel the spirit give me a few things I needed to know. The scripture in Galations says it all when it talks about the fruits of the spirit being peace :)

As well as a spiritual baptism, the Spirit was strong again in our meetings on sunday. Elder Toris of the Seventy came to talk to us. He is former president of the mission in west Monterry Mexico. That is where my friend Manuel Aguirre from Huatabampo served his mission! He reminded me a lot of dad, because when he started to teach Priesthood, he whipped out all of the hot apple technology that dad always has :) iPhone, iPad, all of it. He helped out the ward, too. He mentioned a few things the ward can do to improve to be able to grow more. He gave us some statistics of Mexico. He said that every year between 36.000 and 40.000 people are baptized in the country of Mexico. That is enough for 16 stakes YEARLY! That is equivelent to an entire ward per stake being baptized every year. But the problem is, there isnt a new ward every year per stake like the numbers say there should be. We lose a lot of converts. So thats why he came to see us, to help us improve retention in the stake. The missionaries are working hard to bring people to Christ, now the wards, stakes, and branches need to keep people active and happy.

Elder Toris then shared a GREAT activity with the book of mormon. Something that has always called my attention and that I could finally see why. We scanned almost all of the first book of Nephi for the most important things of every chapter. We found that there was a sequence. Prophet, prayer, vision, Christ, Apostles, Sciptures, Revelation, Profecies. We then read the first chapter again and found all of the above. Elder Toris expalined that God wasnt trying to tell us the Nephi was born of really awesome parents, but that he gave us the pattern of how he calls his prophets. The sequence is also identical to the famous story of Joseph Smith. The spirit came like a brick wall and I realized we need to focus on what God says through his scriptures and less of the cool stories.

Recently I have also found, refound, and continued to find my love and testimony for the book of mormon. The short, bubt powerful book of Enos help change my life, the way I have been feeling in the mission, and to understand more fully the Atonement of Jesus Christ. So everyone, go read :) Then do what the Book says. This is how we can all come to really understand the scriptures, and the love that Heavenly Father has for all of us. After all, teach the world about Jesus Christ is why the book was written.

So mission life continues to FLY by and I draw closer to ONE YEAR! Honestly, it has gone by WAY to fast. But I feel ready to achieve so much. Being Junior Comp for almost a year has taught me quite a bit. Now I think I am ready for new responsibilities, new trials, and new blessings. But I have learned that I need to be more Patient. Now you can be more specific in your prayers when you pray for me :)

I love you so much. I have the best family :) But dont just sit around waiting for me at home! I want the 4 of you to spend time with the scirptures and with prayer more. So that you can all grow with me. So that I can come to a family who has grown with me :) Have a great week, and we will talk soon :)

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