Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Elder Marsh! He got my gift...a bit of cooler weather. :-)

Hey Mom,

So NYC was a blast? I am glad you guys had a lot of fun! I have always wanted to go visit up there, and you guys just decided to go. With out me. ;)

life in Mexico is still pretty nuts. I just remembered yesterday that tomorrow is my birthday. I think we are going to visit some members who bought me cake in a little bit :) Honestly, the days just come rolling on. There is hardly any difference in the days. Tomorrow is back to work, so it wont be to much different. But the Zone Leaders when to a meeting in Hermosillo this morning, so I will get the package this week. Thank you so much for that, mom. Missionaries love mail ;)

I am on the other side of town in the ward called Mayo. Here, my companion, Elder Alvarez, is on is last change to head home and so he is hearing about flight plans, arrival dates, all of that. But for some reason, he isnt a lazy worker. We work like crazy! There are a few people who are progressing, and 2 solids ones who want to be baptized for sure. The ones who are really sure are Bianca and Cynthia. They are friends and got to know the cuhrch by a member who lives nearby them. We have taught them a few things that they have really enjoyed. We have taught some of my favorite lessons. Word of Wisdom, and Chastity! I really do like teaching those lessons a lot, because you can tell how much a missionary loves his investigatores and how much the investigatores trust the missionaries. Turns out they love and trust us a lot amd they have strong desires to serve the Lord. They had mentioned they werent completely sure about being baptism. Like they werent completly ready. We told them that as they learn and put into practice God´s commandments, the desire and readyness to be baptized comes naturally. Sure enough, after teaching those two commandments, they felt more ready. Cynthia started turning down friends who wanted to go out fo coffee and Bianca took out her tongue piercing. Watching people literally change their lives to follow what our Father in Heaven wants is just as sweet as the Spirit in a baptismal service.

The Elders from my last ward called me and told me a lady who we were teaching, Mary, was having a baptismal interview, and they invited us to the service. After she passed the interview, she asked for me to go to the area to baptize her! And so we asisted and took Biance and Cynthia with us. The baptism was very special, and the two investigatores said that what they felt there was that little extra they needed to feel ready. And so they are 100% sure and ready to be baptized the same weekend as General Conference! They are very excited to listen to the prophet as well.

And so thats how things are going here in the mission! Everything is just fine. The heat is going now. It is still hot, but the heat goes away with the sun now. We are still learning and growing here. I am glad everything at home is going good. I love you guys so much. Tell the family I said hi and that I miss them!

Elder Marsh

Monday, September 12, 2011

A Lost Letter? Well, more like never was posted. But, it has been rescued and the publish button pressed so enjoy!!

Hey, how is everyone back at home?! Not too much is going on here, so that is why I havent written too much. Things are a little rough here and I am trying to keep my head on straight. This is probably the roughest part of my mission, but the spiritual confimations are even better.

So a few weeks ago, President Eyring taught me about listening to the Spirit. I have been making EXTRA effort to do that, because I really need the help! I have been amazed at the things I have heard while actually LISTENING for the Masters voice. During the Stake Conference we had, I was litening carefully and I enjoyed a topic from Elder Carlos, one of teh Area Authorities in Mexico. He taught from 3 Nephi and from Elder Dallin H Oaks that "repetition is a principle of learning." So I began to listen for the repetitions. I heard MANY times "confidence in the Lord" and "sacrifice". Later that night, we taught a family home evening lessen with a Part Member family with the Joseph Smith movie and I heard these phrases even more. As I helped my investigator understand what Joseph Smith endured in his life, she felt the spirit. I, guided be the Savior, asked her questions, to see if she was progressing. I asked is she believed that the Gospel was restored by Joseph Smith. She said she was unsure because of the lack of time and experiance in the church. I told her that I just wanted to know if the felt it was true because the knowledge comes later. She said she believed it and that she had a peace and comfort that she hadnt felt before. I felt the spirit inso many ways. That same peace that rushes over. Thoughts and inspirations in your head. Confirmation of the truths you have already learned.

I know that Joseph Smith restored the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As a prophet said a testimony is something that the Holy Ghost seals and binds to our souls in a way that we cant forget. I have that testimony that ONLY through our Savior, we are happy, and we can be with our family after this life.

I hope everyone has a good week :) And so you all know, my birthday is he 27. Send me stuff :)