Monday, August 1, 2011

Do you need to feel inspired? Read this!

So here we are! This is week 5 of 6, next Sunday we get the transfer calls! I really dont know what to think. We found an AWESOME lady to teach. Her name is Victoria. She has three kids and is WAY interested in the Gospel. She was actually a reference from some converts of a missionary who is finishing his mission this week! We have a great time sharing our testimonies with her. Even when we teach her in her place of business. The beer shop across the street from her house :) There are things here called Expendios. They are just drive up store things that sell nothing but beer. But she works there for conviniece, not for any strong vices ;)

Victoria has a daughter, Maria. Unfortunately, she left for vacation last week, and we cant teach her! We dont know when she will come back, but her mom told us the first thing she packed was the Book of Mormon she more than excitedly recieved. We are thinking she will read and come back home to be baptized with her mother :)

We are helping this great family with a big problem they are having. Victoria´s son isnt really doing so great and got caught up with some street life at a young age. He is 17, but I cant really share all that has been going on with him. But Victoria is a mother worried out of her mind and is really stressed out about what to do with her son. But, she loves going to church. She reads and prays. And she wants to be baptized. So we are going to keep helping her in all the ways we can, so she can know how much God loves her and her family.

In fact, when we went to meet with her, we went to visit her in the hospital where they were taking care of a nephew. He is a little baby of just over a year old and had a very toxic and deadly infection. He had all of his body a black color where the infection was burning his skin. It wanted to leave his body in any way, through his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. They really didnt know what was going to happen to him. When Victoria told us his name was Jesus Israel, (which sounds way cooler in spanish) I felt SUCH a peace. I knew he was going to be fine. We got to the hospital to bless him. He thought we were doctors and started to cry a bit. But he calmed down and probably realized we werent there to hurt him. We gave him a pamphlet of the Plan of Salvation to play with and we gave him a blessing. Afterwards, he was so excited and wanted to leave with us! We said by and he streched out his arms and want us to take him with us. It was SUCH a powerful and refreshing experience with Jesus Israel. I wont ever forget about that baby. What was so powerful was his innocence. How no one knew what was going to happen, but he was so happy. So excited. When we left, Elder Rosales told me that the baby looked so uch cleaner. Much more healthly, just after the blessing. Then the Sprit rushed over me and I knew the Priesthood has such power. A power that I really dont understand, but that I know is true. Because I have seen it heal. Jesus left the hospital and is now practicing walking at home. He wants to run, but is still a little wobbly :)

I know the church is true. I know that God has given us his power to bring to pass miracles in this life. Jesus Christ lives.

I love you all.

Elder Marsh

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