Monday, July 18, 2011

What can I say....another letter and pics from our favorite missionary in Mexico!

So I completed SEVEN MONTHS in the mission last week! It is gone byWAY too fast! We continue to work and work. The branch here in Huatabampo has picked up quite a bit! There is a bit more participation and a LOT more of the spirit. We confirmed Daniela this passed sunday and she is doing GREAT! she loves church a lot and she just looks so much happier. Having the spirit with you changes everything. She is no exception. Our little convert likes running all over the places excitedly telling all her friends she just got baptized :)

So the change comes on august first. I will have completed SIX whole months in Huatabampo. There are some people here that I love a lot and I keep saying I will be here for a year because I dont want to leavethem! But we are going to see what happens.

And mom, to answer your question about the baptisms here, in the little tiny branches way out here, news travels slow. So the big baptism festivities like the refreshments after dont happen. You might think that is something expected that just happens, but not out here! I would like to get something like that going. Brownies and cookies and lemonade and all of that would beawesome. We are supposed to be having another baptism this saturday, so I will see what I can do! Here in the branch, if we dont do it, it probably wont get done. So planning out baptisms like that will take a bit more work. But we will get something awesome done ;)

Anyways, if Rick Perry finds this, thank you so much for updating me on the branch at home! I will always like the quirky things President Cassinat says :)

I will be waiting to hear from you all! Write to me! Love you all.

Elder Marsh

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