Saturday, June 4, 2011

Today, it's two letters for the price of one!

Time continues to FLY in Mexico! It isnt as hot here as it has been. It is getting cooler. Which worries me becuse it rains HARDCORE in Huatabampo. Sometimes to the point of flooding!

Elder Rea and I are still working! He has 4 weeks left and is really hard not to think of home for him! He told me he does NOT want to leave, but in the slow moments, his thoughts get stuck on home. He still has a good heart and continues to teach me in every aspect of the mission.

Im glad to hear my family is busy and happy! KEEP DOING STUFF TOGETHER! This is for every family, not just mine! A huge problem in Mexico is the concept of mom, dad, and kids all in the same home basically doesnt exist. So love your family. Hold them close. Read the scriptures, every day with them, no matter what. Having the spirit in the home outbeats soccer, work, Entertainment Tonight, AND the Bachelor everytime! I promise :)

Not too much is changing here! I continue to grow and understand the lessons the Lord has been trying to teach me all my life. The biggest thing right now is just humble myself and accept that I know next to nothing, but can always get better.

I love all of you at home who read this, thank you for the love and support!

Unfortunately, I am not going to share a ton of spiritual stuff this week, because it has been pretty sacred ;)

Elder Marsh

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