Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Still teaching in Sonora!!!

How has everyone been this past week?? Did everyone enjoy Stake Conference? Or in my case, District Conference :) We had a HUGE number of asistance this past week for our tiny branch! Too bad it wasnt a regular weekend ;)

So. Updates on investigators. Again, we dropped about all of them. Alejandro was nearly impossible to find this week. He is living in a rented house and has problems with the other guys there and realy doesnt want to be in his situation. Like he prayed and as we have been praying for him, he found a job! But even after we taught him about recieving blessing and then completing with the Lord, he failed to show up to church again. So, the font remains dry. We DID find two other people though. We went to the house Alejandro used to live in and we found 2 women. A mom and her daughter. They shared that they had problems and we taught them part of the restaration and commited them to going to church! We show up sunday morning to bring them along, and the mom was showering. The daughter said they are getting ready to go to church. Well, the mom came out and THEN shared she had no intentions of asisting with us, but was going to keep attenting the catholic church. Easy come easy go! Elder Rea and I are still a bit stressed about having a dry baptismal font and a small teaching pool. Which is rough, so close to the end of Elder Rea´s mission! But we keep moving on.

In District Conference, one of the talk was based around service and the importance there of. The speaker shared, along with many prophets of old and of new, that the only way to TRULY be happy in this life is be serving others. Selflessly giving your time to help the ward, the stake, Zion, or your next door neighboor. I got to thinking about that and I realized that the best moments of my mission is when I am serving. When it is way to hot to be outside, but we still hit the doors and share our testimonies. If all I can do to serve is iron my companions shirt, I still feel good about helping others out. So everyone go do it! The talk meshes perfectly with the Mormon Helping Hands project a few weeks ago, but dont wait for someone to tell you to serve. Just go do it! It will make you more happier than Facebook or a sweet new iphone. Trust me, I dont have either of those things, but I really dont need them ;)

Much love from hot, dry, Sonora! I heard the weather is wet in Sacramento. How about sharing ;)

Elder Marsh

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