Saturday, June 4, 2011

I know it's been a bit of a dry spell, but here's a letter!!

How is everyone at home?? We are doing GREAT here in Huatabampo! Elder Rea is drawing ever nearer to his death (mission wise, dont freak out ;)) and we found an AMAZING investigator! So one day, during studies I was thinking about how the Lord has said that the people I am serving are some of the most choice he has prepared. So with this though it mind, we left the house and started to work. This day was a Weekly Planning session, so we went right to ourt lunch appointment. We got the the place and the Husband, Brother Medina had a friend their with him! We were introduced and got to know Alejandro. We had lunch with him and got to talking about spiritual matters. When he dropped the question, "So what differences are there between your church and the Catholic church?" Elder Rea and I took a breath and thought of where to start. With the Restoration of course! We taught him, can back the next day, and commited him to be baptized :)

But thats all I have time for because the cyber cafe is closing! Prayers and love to you all and we will chat next week!

Elder Marsh

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