Saturday, June 25, 2011

The end of one missionary, the start of another‏.

And that ends it for Elder Rea! He went of to his home in Merida Yucatan to get rained on by a huge hurracaine! But we parted on the best of terms. We baptized Francisco(more on that in a sec), cried a bit, and parted as great friends. I miss my companion already. We were both really sad to have to end, but happy with the opportunity to grow. Now that my mission "dad" left, it is time to start putting myself to work because I know it is right, not because my trainer is there with me.

Elder Rosales arrived today too! He is from the state of Mexico. The Federal District. Kind of like our Washington DC. And also one of the parts most dangerous of the country. I still dont know him to well, but he really wants to get to work here in Huatabampo and get people into the water! so we are going to see how things work out :) I am excited to work with someone new and find ways to improve my teaching skills.

So, summer time is roling around now back home? It has felt like summer for 4 months already. Mexico is a hot place :) Claud wrote me an email and she is very excited to go to the club and the fonsecas to swim around! Swimming is acutally something I miss a lot. Sometimes I think there would be nothing better than to just jump in so icy cold water when it is 104 under the sun! I am also to hear all the good things Claudia is doing for me back home, sharing with all of her friends whatI am doing. I love my little sister a TON! So mom, just tell her to reference the parents of all of her friends to the missionaries. They will love you ;)

Now, about Francisco! After a YEAR talking to the missionaries, he decided on baptism. Francisco is a very big man. Tall, and, I wont say fat, but VERY well fed. So Elder Rea and I baught him his own baptismal clothes that fit him, and he entered the waters of baptism :) I confirmed him the next day (me first confirmation!) And he recieved the Priesthood! So we are going to continue helping him grow in his very humble testimony and faith, because the branch wants to call him as second conselor ;)

Mom, I love you to death. But I dont want you to starve to death! So you dont need to feel that I wont have enough money for the mont. The church and the Lord help me! I want my little sisters to have food too ;) But either way, thank you for caring about me in all the waysa you can, being so far from me. I love you.

So that is about all I have! We are going to see how the week plays out with a new companion and a new 6 weeks to work!

Everyone take care. And read the scriptures!

Elder Marsh

PS. Shelley, how is the blog coming?;)

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