Monday, June 27, 2011

Elder Marsh has learned that Mexico is hot, insects can be eaten, and many people have weird views of Mormons.

It is really hot here. At 6:30, I wake up. At 7 I am brushing my teeth. And I am already sweating. So Elder Rosales is a cool little guy! An inch or two shorter than me. That makes me feel good that 6 foot Elder Rea is gone and now I have a short friend :) Elder Rosales keeps telling everyone how humble I am and how he hasnt met many missionaries that are like me and how I am going to get changed after these 6 weeks to be a leader somewhere. That scares me because Elder Rea always said I am going to be a leader too.

The work continues! Fancisco after his baptism has continued to be a great man of faith and his family looks so much happier with a huge increase of love. I can really tell people now that I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ can change families.

We have been looking for a strong base to start working with, contacting, and trying to get any sort of a reference. We contacting a young lady at her house and 17 year old Daniela has been loving reading the Book of Mormon and chatting with us! She is the most promising investigator we have and is progressing towards baptism. She couldnt come to chrurch this past week, but she did come 5 minutes before we started to tell us that her aunt got sick and she wouldnt be able to stay. So we have to push her baptismal date back a bit, but we are still working with her. The fun part about teaching Daniela is correcting all the bad things her Aunt says about mormons. How we, supposedly, "dont eat pork" and "we can only drink orange soda, and NOT cocacola." Daniela asked is she got baptized if she would have to marry a mormon man, like her aunt told her. How funny are the worlds views of us :)

So Elder Rosales come all the way from the state of Mexico. DF. Federal District. However you call it. It is a big, dangerous city. And the people talk funny from there :) He tells me in his house, if the tacos are less than 3 pesos, the meat came from a dog. There are also grasshopper tacos. That isnt what I had in mind when I thought "Mexican Food"

So today, as we enter into the cyber cafe to email home, I notice a white lady walking out. I thought, "hmm. You dont see very many light skinned mexicans." Then a white man came out. I saw the license plate on the car that said New York, and they were speaking English. I then thought, "This is too good to be true!" I had in mind that I was going to teach and baptize a white family here in Mexico, in English! I asked where they were from and they said they were here in town for a Conference. Of Jehovahs Witness. My thoughts proceded in this manner: "Yup. Too good to be true." A bit downcast at the fact I would not be teaching them, we got to chatting and they said they came down to do Ministerial Work, but liked it so much, that they just decided to live here. They are up north by the coast in a city called Guymas and passed by Huatabampo on the way up. They have 5 years here in Sonora, and speak very little spanish. Hardly enough to get by, but it was still impressive the kind of understood my Companion, in pure spanish. So, I did feel a bit of pride (of which I should repent) when I told them I had 4 and a half months here, struggling to keep speaking in English because I kept reverting to Spanish! :)

Anyways, pray to have the Lord put missionary oopportunities in your way. Dont just pray for the missionaries, but go be one, and reference the people you find! Testify of Jesus Christ, and he will bless you.

I love you all!

Elder Marsh

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