Monday, May 16, 2011

Once again.....Prayer works!

So all the prayers from here and from home worked out! The Lord blessed us with another oportunity to baptize! I was thinking about the weeks left in the transfer and how much time Elder Rea has left. I told him if we want to baptize every week before he leaves, we need a mircale to baptize this week! And a miracle we received :)

Normally we pray to baptize people we are teaching. I didnt think to pray to baptize someone that wasnt even our investigator! Turns out, there is a big family that lives here. The family of Jesus Manuel. Aunts, uncles, grandma, cousins, all of them live together. Well, the uncle lives here. He is in his 20s. Turns out that he has a girlfriend (but they are getting married) who was talking with the missionaries where she lived in a city a few hours from here. So she took all the lessons and told them she wanted to be baptized. When she called to tell the family, they said they cant go to her for her baptism and they wanted her to come here. So she moved down her to marry her man, and we baptized her :) It was so cool the way it worked out! We are going to follow up with her and keep teaching. They are way nice people and happy members. They have their eyes set on the temple in a year. It was funny because they were talking about how expensive the civil unions are here. I just told them to wait a year and go to the temple where it is free! Everyone laughed :)

So that was the big deal of this past week! Thanks again for the letters I have received. In fact, one of my good ol pals sent me a letter about the importance of love in missionary service. It came as a second witness, this letter, because I had been thinking the whole week what to do better and I decided I could love the people in my area a bit more. Then I recieved this letter and the Lord told me in this special way that I am doing things correctly :) Anyways, with a new effort on loving people, we went to visit a convert, Oralia. Remember her? She was the one who came to our house and asked to be baptized. So we visited with her and gave her the picture of her baptism and began to chat about the events of the big week we had with her. In that week, we passed by her house and testified of many things. We told her we werent going to come back for a few days she she could have time to think. A few days later, she came to the house. Anyways, we were talking about that week and I asked what made her change. She said she felt that we genuinely cared and loved her enough to help her. That was what spoke to her and helped her decide to enter at the gate of baptism. The third witness of the importance of love :)

There you have it folks, another week in Huatabampo, Sonora! Thank you for reading and sending me mail, I love hearing from everyone at home.

If anyone sees Christopher Predovich, tell him I said "Bunk Beds on Dirt Floors" :)

Con cariño,
Elder Marsh

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