Thursday, May 5, 2011

Is he going to stay or is he going to transfer? I have no idea, but he does want us all to learn Spanish. That's our Elder Marsh.

Quick shout out to Shelley because I assume she is still on top of this thing.

The change (transfer as its known in english) is almost over! Elder
Rea is thinking they are going to change me. This is the last week of
my second change in the field. I cant believe I am coming up on 5
months! Whether I go or I stay, the mission is amazing. And I love it.
It is such a blessing to be here helping people change their lives for
the better. One of our converts, Irene, is taking a trip to Nogales.
But she was pretty excited to find out there is a chapel building up
there she can attend! And she is looking forward to a temple trip to
do baptisms for the dead. That is how we do work, we only have 3
converts, but they are all solid.

Quick question, how many people read this? I never know if I am
talking to an audience, the ward, half of Elk Grove, or just my
family, Shelley (because she is the boss of the blog), and Chas
(because Shelley shouts stuff to him from the computer while he chases
a naked Hayden around the house ;p)

Anyways, the sun is roasting me! I get the most awful mission tan more
and more every day. Even with sunscreen. And they say it gets hotter
from here. But the heat is different. It doesnt race up and fall back
down like home. It gets hot and stays hot. For days. Weeks. But the
worst is when my poor little scalp gets hit, because I cant do
anything to protect that! I read about how Nephi didnt pray to have
his circumstances changed when his brothers tied him up and plotted
his death, but he pray to have the strength to change things himself.
So that might be my challenge. Pray to have tougher skin so the sun
wont burn me. Not that the sun can just stay away :)

I dont have much to report about baptisms, because they arent
happening. Investigators? One. But told us he has no desire to change
religion. And really, I dont know what to do. I have kind of ridden
down into a low part. I dont know if I am not obedient enough. If I
dont have enough faith. I have asked Elder Rea a million times what
the Lord wants. We have run out of ideas here. The people we contact
dont progress. The members dont refer anyone. The less actives arent
home or dont live here. And I am just a little lost, down here in the
corner of the mission! Happy, yes. Enjoying what I do, absolutely. But

btw, I forgot my camera, so I cant put pictures. And the machine I am
using is super lame, so I DOUBLE cant put pictures.

And mom, I hope you sent the package, because the zone leaders went to
Hermosillo today!

Here is a spiritual gem that I found that I want to share. First of
all, thank you to David Thomas Bell for your case of mission cds where
I found this gem. And David, if you are reading this, WRITE ME!
Because I miss you :) And if David is not reading this, Mom, facebook
him and tell him to write me. Include my address please :) Now, the
good stuff. Elder Holland gave a CES Fireside Devotional thing in 1994
JUST after he was ordained. When Presidents Hinkley and Monson where
COUNSELORS in the first presidency! That is how you know it was for
ever ago. Anyways, this devotional is about the Book of Mormon and it
is one of THE most powerful talks I have ever heard. And I heard Elder
Holland for myself in the MTC! This talk just might outdo the one I
heard. Anyways, if anyone can find this talk in the depths of the
internet, find it and listen to it. I promise, you wont think of the
Savior the same way. you will love him more and want to defend his
holy name and every turn. There is a quote in it from C. S. Lewis that
says people who say that Jesus Christ was a good moral teacher but not
the Son of God have the inteligence of a poached egg. So crazy :)

I was in charge of the lesson at FHE the other night! I taught about
temples and how ridiculously amazing important they are to our
exaltation. Basically what I learned was that we want to go to Heaven,
so we make special covenents. Then, we must be obedient every day to
obtain this blessing. It is a chain that works back and forth. Heaven
(goal) -> Covenents -> obedience. But, obedience is the first law of
Heaven. So, we are obedient -> we make covenents -> we go to Heaven!

Anyways, I hope to write next week, but I if dont, I is because I am
traveling to a new area and wont have a chance. Pray for me, and the
people of the area of Huatabampo because they are tough to get moving
in the ways of the Lord. I love you all at home, especially my dear
family, and Papa and Beverly.

Cuidense mucho.
Sepan que Dios nos conoce, y quiere que regresemos.

Elder Marsh

P.S. Everyone just learn spanish. It is easier to write and think for me :p

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