Monday, April 4, 2011

More suprise baptisms!‏

So It happened again this weekend! We had two more baptisms! But this
time was crazy different. Something that hasnt even happened to Elder
Rea who has been out for 21 months. We were studying one morning. It
was between 8 and 9 am on Friday. The lady we have been working with,
Oralia, came with her oldest daughter who is a member here. They came
and said they wanted to talk about Oralia's husband. He is really old
and sick and they dont really know what will happen to him. So I am
thinking they want us to give him a blessing. I was sure wrong when
they said he wanted to get baptized!! And Oralia too, who wouldnt ever
set a baptismal date with us! How often in a mission do two baptisms
come to your front door?! It was way awesome. I guess Elder Rea and I
are doing something right! He really isnt that bad. He is a really
good guy. He just has a LOT of time in the field and is just really
exhausted. On top of training. On top of basically no one to teach.
But It is all good. I am learning a huge lesson in patience and
learning to just simply be happy! Because every personal has complete
control over their feelings. So I am making sure I always am happy :)
Even though I feel sick again... I am still getting used to the life
style here. And OHHH man. To round off a weekend of baptism, what more
than a SPIRITUAL FEAST of General Conference! Mom, you HAVE to send me
the discs of the talks in spanish when they come out. I watched
conference in English because it is kinds odd in spanish. Someone else
talking over the prophet. In October, I'll understand spanish well
enough to get a lot out of conference. There were SO many great talks!
There wasnt a single one that I didnt like. I saw everything but
RElief Society. And dad, Priesthood Session ROCKED!!! I cant WAIT for
the next Liahona to study the talks over again! There was SO much in
all of conference about priesthood, family, marriage, and the second
coming. At least I felt they talked about these subjects. President
Monson is SOOO amazing. I love his manner of speach. So full of love,
but VERY stern on the things we shouldnt do. They are getting more and
more bold from the pulpit, because this world is getting more and more
ripe in iniquity. I remember someone in conference saying that
immorality in society is ABSOLUTE FILTH. God is very serious about
getting is message across and separating the true saints from the rest
of the world. I forgot what talk I wanted to share with you, because I
dont have my note binder. But next week I will remind you all. For
conference, there was a bunch of elders who came to stay in our area
over night to watch all of conference. On saturday between sessions,
we bought about 600 pesos in tacos de carnitas :) I am excited to
receive that package! To hear from my family! I am waiting to get more
stuff to send off to you all, so claud needs to be patient :) And
Kimberly, if you read this, CONGRATS ON GETTING IN TO BYU!!! I know
this was something you really wanted, so, I'm proud that you are
accomplishing what you want to do :) So family, los quiero ¡UN MONTON!
Spanish is coming. SLowly, but it is. Am I fine and safe. Keep reading
and praying, and be sure to have a kneeling prayer, personally and
individually! This comunication with our Father is SO impartant. He
literally is our Father. We are children of GOD! Once we learn that,
everything seems possible. As children of this Enternal Being, we have
an INFINITE CAPACITY to become like Him. So rememeber that, and
remember that I love you all so much! Until next week, my eternal
family :) And thank you to all the other people who read the blog!
Shout out to my homie SHELLEY LESLEY, for keeping it real! Until next

¡Vaya con Dios!
Elder Marsh

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