Monday, April 18, 2011

How did this happen? I forgot to post last weeks letter. I will it is!!!

How is everyone on this fine day?! Everything is going great here in Huatabampo! We dont have any baptismal dates coming up soon, but using baptismal dates inst really the mode of oparation for Elder Marsh and Elder Rea ;) We had a pretty good week, this past one. There is this bus we take to get to the other side of the area, and a guy promptes his organization on the busses. He works for a Rehab Center. Turns out, he is a less active member and invited us to the center. Elder Rea and I have fondly renamed it, the "gold mine" because, think about it. Ex drug addicts trying to turn around their lives, living in a center together. We walked in and handed our Books of Mormon and gave some blessings on the spot! We have a youth named Antonio commited to be baptized soon. He is 16 and helps out at the center. Recently reformed himself. His heart is wide open to receive the Savior and I knew the second I met him he was prepared by God to accept. But none of the 4 or 5 people from the "gold mine" who said they were going to come actually came. But we did have another of our 3 investigators come. His name is Fransisco and is married to a member in the branch. He went to conference with his wife and when we met him, he asked if we could help him understand! So we gladly started teaching him. They showed up late to sacrament, so Elder Rea and I were a bit down when no one showed. But they came in after the announcements, right in time for testimonies, because it was fast sunday. His wife and son bore their testimonies and I looked over at him and he was crying! I was so moved to see the Spirit working in that meeting. As for me, all is well! I'm not really sick, just still getting used to the food here. The food isnt bad, its just different. The water too. Nothing is bad. Just not what my body has been used to for 19 years! It is actually way too good here. I am getting fat! My skin has gotten all stretchy, ewww. So I told Elder Rea we can only eat food from the street on pday. Not every day how it has been for a month! The carne asada and flour tortillas are just too good! So Elder Rea is district leader, but he hasnt had a district for since the transfer! We dont know where they were, but the other Elders stayed in their other area for some reason or another. But they are getting here tonight. So we are in the neighbooring area spending some time getting their house as nice as we can. Things are getting hot here! I saw is was 35°c in hermosillo, the hot part of the mission. Elder Rea said that was only about 90°f and LOW! We are expecting over a hundred for a few months. Next month until about august. I hope I am somewhere cooler by then! I have gotten so tan. Except for where my watch is :) Missionary tan! A bit more about me. About what I am learning here. I have been learning a lesson in temperance. Learning self control in everything, because in the mission, we really are representatives of Jesus Christ. It isnt something we say to hook people and get them to listen. Its true! For good or for bad, a wonderful impression or an "ugh, that Elder was this that and the other." Everyone watches everything. So I have been trying to not only LIVE like the Savior, but BE like him. Like the words in Timothy, an example of the believers. It is interesting when people actually notice when changes have taken place, but uplifting and encouraging. Anyways, the other lders just arrived, so off we go! Love you all at home, dont stop believing! And dont stop studying conference talks online! Start if you havent, because nothing is more important that the words of the LIVING Prophet.
Elder Marsh

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