Wednesday, March 9, 2011

¡Que onda, mi querida familia!‏

Well fine, don´t mail me :p Mexico is amazing! My President is the best! There is so much to say about this place. First, TACOS FROM THE STREET! I have a picture of the guy cooking something called tripa. It is cow intestine. Slapped it in a taco. Ate it. It wasn´t awful, but I wasnt trying to taste it either. The weirdest thing I have eaten is cow tongue. We, oh, my companion is Elder Rea. He is native from Mérida Yucatan and only knows the bad words that other missionaries have taught him in English. But he is a good guy. He has 20 months in the field. That is about what I have left to go! Crazy. For this, he is somewhat burning out. He says that you just get physically exhausted towards the end. We spend a lot of time with the ward mission leader. He is Manuel and got home from his mission 8 months ago. They both want to marry Cassidy. I am serving in an area called Huatabampo. Whahtahbahmpo for you mom ;) Anyways, back to the cow story. We were eating at an invstigators house. Meat, rice, beans, and tortillas. I noticed the meat tasted weird. And had a bunch of bumps. It wasnt bad, just weird. A while later, Elder Rea asked "Esta es lengua, herman, ¿verdad?" She said yes. That is when I kind of started to shoven it in as fast as I could because I REALLY didn´t want an animals tongue in my mouth. Asco. I like the to tripa more. So, about Huatabampo. Dry. No mountains. Hardly and trees. Half the streets are paved. And the houses are so sketchy, you might as well be camping. This is my life now. And I love it! Oh, mom, you are proabably worrying about my safety. You dont need to. I am far from the border, the water is to nasty tasting to drink (I tried it. But with that filter bottle), and there are dogs all over the place, but they are harmless. They just wander around. I am not afraid of them because a lot are injured, but most just sleep. What is scarier are the streets. Everyone kinda just rolls through intersections. Cars and missionaries. Oh, we are on bikes in this area. But yeah, no one really stops. You just go when it´s clear. People dont have much here. The houses are very tiny. And dirty. But I isnt really people faults. Its just a dirty place. The nicest building in the whole town is the chapel building :) I love it here. We only have a few investigators right now, but they are close to baptism. And we have only had less than a week to work. We are going to work a lot harder this week and find a ton of people. Or so I hope. Oh, I need to tell you about Hermosillo! That place is beautiful. For Sonora I mean. Elder Rea says it is ugly here. But Hermosillo is just as its name, beautiful. It has VERY nice houses up the hills in the north, But impovershed dirt roads to the south as well. But there is something about that city that I just love. I will definitly go visit there after my mission. And I hope to serve there a lot. Maybe I will go to that city to find a wife, because for some reason, the women up there are beautiful too. The other Gringo missionaries call it the Mexican Suprise. No one expects to get Lamanitis! Anyways, the only thing I really need here is a safer place to shower. A bathroom I´m not afraid of. And packages of love from my fans back at home! ask me stuff you want to know so I can tell you. Oh, a veces, I forget my english words. Which is really strange, because I dont know a lot of spanish words. So I get caught in this middle ground where I dont really know many words at all! But the Spanish is coming a long. I figured this much. I can speak enough to convey what I want. I can read the Book of Mormon just fine. But I cant understand what people are saying to save my life. I swear it iosnt even sppanish sometimes! People like to talk here. And tell elaborate stories. That is where I get lost. I only understand the simple stuff. Speaking of what I do and dont understand, sometimes my companion and the ward mission leader speak SUPER fast just to mess with me. So I say mean things in English so they cant understand either ;) English sounds SO WEIRD coming from my mouth! But that is ok, I dont need it. They say I have a weird accent. But not nearly as bad as the other gringos. The BEST thing I did in the MTC was decide to move up. I might not know a lot of what is going on, but I am not really afraid to speak. It just gets discouraging sometimes because people here dont try to understand. they just say ¿Mande? which is basically say it again. But EVERYONE says that to me! Because I have an accent here and I guess no one wants to try to understand me. They just look at me weird, look at my companion, and he says what I wanted to say. One thing that hit me hard. I thought people had to much freedom to choose to obey or not in the MTC. Then I got to the field. Here, yuo can sleep in til 1 in the afternoon, they jut sit around, maybe go wander around to waste time if you wanted, then come back home, and go to bed around 12. If I dont really want to work, I dont really have to. But that has shown me that I want to be hard working. Diligent. But still have fun, because Elder Rea doesnt really like when I want to follow all the rules exactly. Oh well. We still love each other. Go look on a map for Huatabampo! I am all the way at the bottem of Sonora. By the ocean. But I havent seen it. We cant go there. It is almost spring break and a lot of tourists come through this part of the state. I am going to throw some pictures on if I can. I love it here. I´m so glad to be a missionary. I am going to work way hard this week and hopefully report next week with good news! Love you all so much. Send me stuff! Oh, my companion wants a recommendation cover like mine. The one with Christ coming out of the tomb. My address is:
Calle García Conde No. 301
Col. Pitic, Hermosillo, Sonora, México
C.P. 83150
That is the mission home. Stuff cant get sent to us directly. So put that on the website, and give it to everyone! It´ll be my address for the next 2 years. Love you all! Hey dad, los tacos aquí en la calle estan bien rico ;)
¡Les amo un montón!

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