Monday, March 28, 2011

Elder Marsh versus the Cultural Shock

I'm in the same area still, with Elder Rea! I really didn't want to pack up and stuff and move again. Not so soon at least. So it's Huatabampo for at least another 6 weeks! Things are, not really going. We have one investigator who isn't doing much. She says she is reading and praying. Her prayers are fantastic. We all know she has recieved a witness. But she wont commit to a certain date. She has something bothering her that she wont tell us, so all 3 of us fasted to help her resolve her problem. She didnt show up to church, so we had to end the fast on our own, without her... I have noticed why at times I feel super fantastic and at others, not so much. When I am not out, knocking doors, teaching, on the bikes, doing something at least, I just feel average. Not like a missionary. It is a big motivatiom to go out and do more, but even that is difficult when you are junior companion... Anyways, all in all, I'm very happy. And excited to receive that package! Go ahead and send it, because I'm not going anywhere. And I can't BELIEVE my little sister is turning 7! Or is it 12? I forget ;) One of the families here has a daughter almost Cassidy's age, and another just about Claud's. Oh, that is is SO COOL that a member family is moving in across the street! But they might be a little weird, from Idaho ;) Give them my salutations!
Spencer is going to Sao Paulo?! That is so amazing! One of the members in my district in the MTC is from Brazil. But tell Spencer I'm mad because he upset the trend of Spanish speaking missions from our graduating class :) Give him my best, but dont wish him luck, because the Spirit will do just fine!
So about the money. We lived as pobresitos because the ofice elders put only about half a months worth of money on the mission card when I arrived. Dont know why. I dont need a whole bunch on my card from home. Just for cool stuff.
Now about some of these pictures. There is one of me sitting in what looks like the bed of a truck, traveling at a high speed. That is because I am in the bed of a truck, traveling at a high speed. When you need to travel, take a bus. Dont have money on you, hitch hike :) There is also a picture of people dressed up like Where The Wild Things Are. These are the Fariseos. Normally, they dont pose for pictures. This one just walked up while we were standing in front of the church, so we seized the oportunity. The other day, there was a group of them, going house to house with a man playing the flute and a lady carrying a veiled statute of the Savior on the cross, with tons of money attached to it. They go house to house, walking right on in. The people who live there put money on the statue, and the woman of the house carries it to the next. I REALLY need to study the bible because I dont remember this anywhere... Also, there is Little Ceasers!!! It is about an hour away in a city called Navojoa. We were there for a District Leader meeting because Elder Rea is dl.
So yeah, that is about as up to date as I can get you! The language is still coming. Hard to understand though. People mumble like crazy here. But I understand I need to study and pray if I expect to learn. I'm always so glad to hear from my family! I have been dying to email all day, so I could read about what is going on with my family. I love you all so much! Pray for us to find souls to teach, please. That is the best thing that could happen to us. Be safe. Remember you are Children of the true, living God.
Elder Marsh

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