Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Well here it is! The latest abnd greatest from Elder Marsh! The MTC is just amazing. 7 weeks already! Things have flown by so quickly. I meant to write to the Cross' before wednesday, but it is too late now! BUT, I get to be one of the curbside host Elders tomorrow! So there is a big chance I get to see him! I'll definitely be looking for him. He might even be in my class build of in the same dorm. There are rooms opening up because a few districts ahead of us have left already. I am so excited to get out there! Right now, I'm with my TWO companions in one of the rooms in the main building. I'm typing, Elder Hansen is writing, and Elder Anderson (my new comp) is being all baller on the piano. It is the closest thing to music we can listen to! I guess that rule is to keep things quiet and reverent in the dorms. You wouldn't think it, (at least I didn't) but a lot of Elder's arent that smart. I can only imagine how loud they turned up their MoTab and quickly put an end to any music being allowed. ANYWAYS! My new companion! Elder Riley Anderson. Loves soccer. And, of course, wants to marry Cass. He is way awesome. Lives over in Lehi. I like him a lot. He doesn't really like teaching though because he thinks the role plays are silly. Oh, ps, how much money is on my account? I have been buying some stuff. Like an MTC shirt for you! and I ordered one for Dad as well. XXL with a Mexico flag. Oh so get this! One of the Elder's in the district who just left is from Galt! I plan on keeping up with him. Also, do you know Ryan Busch? He is here too. He is in EG stake though. I joust thought it was cool to meet/know someone from my home! So in class, one of our teachers, Hermano McCleve, challenged us to sacrifices. So that we can see what it's like to investigators in the future. My challenge was I had to run 2 stupid miles every day at gym. Mom, I do NOT see how you go and willingly do all that running! Sure it feels good after, but I'm glad that challenge is over. But I did really enjoy the idea of the activity. I did't like running for a few days. Imagine how hard it would be to kick a habit of smoking or drinking coffee?? I love this MTC. I feel so blessed here. I have so many resources to tap into and get a huge dose of the Spirit every day. Like yesterday, I listened to President Uchtdorf's "Pride and the Priesthood" in Spanish. It was way cool! I'm starting to love my scriptures in spanish. I think zone conferences in the field might be tough, because they will probably be in Spanish! Oh well, the Lord has blessed me SO much with this language. I prayed in sacrament meeting the other day and I couldn't believe how fluid and quickly the words came to me. I do love this language. I can't wait to be a boss with it like Dad! Speaking of whom, I SO glad he has steady work now! Being here in this isolated bubble that is the MTC kind of makes me forget the outside world and the problems out there. But I'm glad my family is blessed. Oh btw, sweatshirts are about $40 before the 40% discount each. So let me know how many and what sizes and I'll send some home. I'm still taking pictures to send home, so there will be more in a few more weeks! Tell me what is new with everyone! I didn't get any letters from you all yet, so I'll be looking. How is my dog? And my sisters? I'm learing so much here. A lot of what I did in my premortal(mission) life that I really DON"T want to go back to, and tons of things that are going to help me with my family in the future. I also think about my investigators a lot. Just think, in a few short weeks, I'll be sitting in Alberto's house with his wife and small children. Speaking of that, I was teaching a lesson the other night to FIVE Elder's! I haven't role played with nearly that many before. Anyways, the Spirit was SO strong. 2 of them were the sons of the family. I asked what he likes to do outside and he said play in the river with turtles. So I asked when he comes home from the river all dirty if dad lets him come in before bathing. HE said no, and I compared this to baptism. Our Father wont let us come in to His house if we are dirty with sin. That's why baptism is SO important! And I have been baptized. And I baptized my baby sister. Father's plan is so perfect, and so full of love. I'm grateful every day to be a member, and to have the SAME calling as the Apostles! But I must go now. Laundry to do! I love you all SO much! And so does our Savior.
Love, Elder Marsh

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