Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Let's pray that his Visa comes on time!

Hello Mother!
So first matter of business, my estimated departure date is the 14th. The key word is estimated. We are supposed to find out tomorrow if we are going or staying. So If you have stuff to send, still send it here. If my VISA is following the trend as the rest of the Elder's going to Mexico, I am either going to stay here for a few more weeks, or I wil be reassigned. We are supposed to find out this week.

Anyways! Something cool happened this week. We have another elder join AND leave us in a matter of 4 days. Elder Mecham was reassigned to St. George after 11 weeks in the MTC. He was out in the field for 3 until the MTC called him back because they had his visa! Only they found out when he got here they didn't actually have it. A different Elder Mecham I guess. So he stayed with us for a few days and found out that Mexico wasn't going to let him in because he was born in Japan as a US citizen or something weird like that. So he flew out this morning to Texas to serve there instead. He said that an Apostlt picked his reassigment to Texas which made him feel better. I see Joe all over ther place! He is in a different zone but he is on the same schedule and stuff. My little tiny teacher from Equador is heading there for a week to see her sister get sealed, so we wont see her this week. And if we leave on Monday as estimated, we wont see her at all! So we had a group picture of all of that we gave to her with some thoughts we wrote on the back. Then we sang Para Siempre Dios Este Con Vos. Which is God Be With You til We Meet Again. It was pretty teary. But it will be a fond memory now. I'M SO EXCITED TO LEAVE! Not that I don't like the MTC, but it isn't like the field. Now that I'm so close to leaving, I'm getting pumped up. I feel pretty ready. Prepared. The language is much more comfortable than when I first got here. Gospel stuff is easy in Spanish. It's just casual conversation that I need to learn. But I'm not worried about that. I was so happy to get the package from you! Everyone has been eating all the sweets. And I LOVED the ties! Definitely not going to trade those ones. Especially not the paisly. But it is coveted amoung the other Elder's who come by now and then. This entire week, I have had an awful cold :( a sore throat and a cough that keeps the whole room awake at night. Plus the most solid chest congestion. I was told not to go to the temple today, so I feel pretty bummed about that. But I guess I'm getting better! I lasted 8 weeks and 3 sick companions before it came my time. I can't stop thinking about the field! It's so close. I cam't wait for when it comes time to get on that plane. I'm so glad to be a missionary. I've been working my whole life so far to have a testimony and be a good boy so I can be here. And now I am. But I almost feel like I haven't completely started. It is so amazing Father has entrusted me with such a huge responsability. To help save the souls of His children. So something I have been learning lately: language really hurts relationships and our ability to feel the Spirit. Especially rudeness and sarcasm. I have been working on these two things a LOT because they just destroy. As a family, I give you an assignment! Try not to be sarcastic and say mean things. ESPECIALLY if you are 'just joking.' Joke about fun, nice things :) I love my family so much! Thank you for the love and support and tri-weekly mail. (That was for claud :)) Oh, and thank you for the awesome pictures! But, where was dad? :) Until next week! Well, hopefully I'll be on a plane next week, but we will see! And I'll let you know where I will be. Love you! And so does Jesus.
Elder Marsh


  1. What a great picture and Thank You for sharing with us Jake. You are such a good person. I remember when you a small boy who would't talk to me and now you are an enthusiastic outgoing missionary. I am so impressed at who you have become. May this experience be great for you!
    Eva Kim (Laurent)

  2. PS, I lived in the Orem Provo area and so miss those Gorgeous Mountains! Please say Hi to them for me!