Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Jake is spreading the Word!

Hey, best family ever! The mission field is the BEST PLACE EVER! I absolutely love it here! Oh, suprise, email :) Anyways, we are baptizing for the next few weeks in a row! I sent a letter with pictures home the other day. This place is amazing. Flat. Brown. Tons of Hispanics. It is almost like I'm in Mexico already. I love being in the field. It is so much different. SPANISH is nothing like in the MTC. Here is way to fast, way to slangy. But I lean cool phrases like "que transas, carnal?" Which directly translates to, "whats flowin, my flesh?" :) fun stuff. I love teaching poeple. Some have hard hearts and refuse to believe. Others are humble and willing to do as the Lord asks. There are MIRACLES here. There are seen in this work. They are felt. Whether we are on a couch of a family we have been teaching, or kneeling on the pavement of a man's driveway we met 45 minutes ago, the Lord leads us to those who are ready. I've taught in houses, driveways, front porches, and hospitals. No matter where, no matter who, I have the privilege and opportunity to help others find Christ, and be closer to him myself. This is everything I wanted it to be. And I have 2 whole years to go! I couldn't be doing anything else in the world that would mean this much to me. P.S. I actually missed Raley's for a split second the other day. Being a missionary changes your perspective and makes you realized WHY you do what you do. I feel closer to my Savior, closer to the prophets current and past, and the seed of faith planted in my heart is turning into a tree. Roots deepening, strength expanding. It is so important to nurish that faith. I have met people who didn't plant faith, but anger, hate, and sorrow. Sure enough, those seeds grew by nourishment into trees, equally as rooted, and equally as strong. My dear family, every single day, each and every one of you, I ask you and exhort you to do something, ANYTHING, to nourish you seeds of faith every day. Read a chapter of scripture. Say an extra prayer or two. Do one nice thing for a loved one, or a stranger. Those seeds will be plants, then great big trees.
So the daily life here. We wake up and try to get some exercise. But it doesn't work because I'm still 2 or 3 pounds heavier than before my mission. Then we get dressed, eat, and start study at 8 am. We study as a companionship next, then language, then we are out the door by 10 or so. Days like today, we came to the library to email, because it was closed on monday. After this, we will go to the flea market where everyone needs a shower and they sell the junk laying around their house. But we find families to teach there (and AMAZING tacos from the roach coaches). Lunch is around 12:20, then we go to appointments to teach. We don't really tract because we have enough people to teach. We work until about 9 or 9:30, come home, plan out the next day, and then we find ourselves comfortable in our nice beds once again. My bed is a mattress. On the floor. But I love it! I have 2 companions who I talk about in my letter. Elder Arellano, and Elder Wagner. Sometimes we do stuff with the English Elders in our area. Oh, we are in Cleburne, TX. It's a smallish city. Hardly anyone has all their teeth. Some parts are very nice, some, not so much. But the Lord is here. And I try to love every person here. Stinky, toothless, or well off and nicely dressed. All are God's children, and I have the responsibility to testify to of the reality of this, the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. The fact that our church restored is very interesting and very vital to what we do. I encourage you to find out why. Anyways, time is about up, and it is about time to get back to work. I love you all so much. Write back to me soon! Keep doing what the Lord expects, cuz I want to be exalted with yall ;)

With love from Texas,
Elder Marsh

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  1. Hey Elder Marsh Que transa carnal(when I say it amongst my friends It is like brother, just a side note) it was great to hear from ya. I am so excited for you. I am grateful for your testimony.I hope that you are able to continue to baptize many. We have had two baptisms since you have been serving the lord. Amanda and a girl named Rachel. I hope you get to meet them when you get back. Well I am glad to hear you are doing well.