Monday, January 31, 2011

I wonder if Elder Marsh loves his mission so far? :-)

Hey, Darling Mother!
I sent off letters to the girls and to dad, but you get an email because I know you freak out :) I love this place so much. As excited as I am to get out to Mexico, I know the Lord puts us in the MTC for specific reasons. I learn so much every single day. Like how to get a long with any type of person. My companion, Elder Hansen and I have a great companionship. I talk to much, and he hardly talks at all! :) but that has proven to be a problem when we are teaching lessons, because the TWO testimonies are better than one. But Three is best, that's why I love the Holy Ghost so much. There are specific times I remember teaching pretend investigators and every word I say is NOT my own. But from the the Holy Ghost. If Father has a message he wants someone to hear, He is going to make sure they hear it. Even if it's in broken Spanish. Speaking of Spanish, I LOVE it. It is evident that it is put together better than English ;) I still can't get the same Spirit in my Spanish scriptures, but it is coming! I love the language. There are days (when I understand I'm learning it for the investigators in Mexico) that it just comes easily. When the Spirit is teaching me. But there are still things that throw me way off. Like the dang Subjunctive forms! Dad, send me some pointers. OH MY GOODNESS! Before I forget, ELDER HOLLAND came to speak last week! Did I already tell you this? I don't rememeber if I wrote in my my journal or in a letter. Anyways, it was SO AMAZING! There is a (basically) legendary discourse (there is my Spanish coming out. Their words just make more sense.) Anyways, legendary discourse that he gave years ago that everyone watches when they are here. Well, he came and gave basically the same one. But this one was tailor fit to what I needed to hear. I have PAGES from that discourse in my study journal. He closed with an extremely spiritual recount of when the Savior came back and found Peter fishing again. Even as I type this, I feel the Spirit in my heart. So the Savior basically told Peter that he can't go fishing again. He can't go home again. The work was his calling for the rest of his life. As. Is. Mine. I love that I have a God who trusted me to come out here and help is precious sons and daughters find the truth. I'm going out to help the Lamanites. Alma, Ammon, Aaron, Omner, and Himni started the work hundreds of years ago. And here I am continuing it. God loves us all so much. He work and glory is to make us eternal. And to live with him. How amazing is that?? I'm so glad I have all of you in my life. I'm so glad to have people who love me. The human heart has a nearly infinite capacity to love. Remember what it was like when I was a baby? Imagine how our God feels when we testify of him and understand all he has done for us. This Gospel is true. We have a Prophet. And I have an amazing family. Never, ever forget the power of the Atonement and all it can do. I love you.

Elder Marsh

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

He's ready to go to Mexico. Now!

Hey, Momma!
I wrote you a letter in the package I sent, so it didn't hit me that I needed to email you. I'm sorry! I'll get better at it. So guess what! Okay, I'll jsut say it. Elder Holland came to speak to us last week! It was SO amazing to hear from my favorite Apostle. He gave such a wonderful, heartfelt talk. It was about missionary work, how important it is, and how it NEEDS to change me, if I've done it right. He talked about Peter who I have come to love. It was so inspired to hear from him. Not a lot is different here, but it is way different here than anywhere else in the world. I am about halfway done with the Book of Mormon and I'm on track to finish reading before I leave the MTC! And also, my companion and I have set a goal to read the Doctrine and Covenants as a companionship before we leave the MTC as well. It can be done! Something I was thinking the other day as I was chatting with Elders learning Georgian, Russian, and I think Croation, is that I know so much Spanish! It has taken me a while to realize how apparent the Gift of Tongues has been in my life. I teach, pray, and just chat in Spanish. I had no idea I'd be speaking and feeling the Spirit like I do this soon. Scriptures are still a bit tough in Spanish. But I'm not worried in the slightest about the language. Not like how I was worried at first. I'm pretty certain I'll servive in Mexico with the help of my Father in Heaven. One thing is for sure. God loves us so much and He gave us families for very specific reasons. Every time we go to do sealings in the temple, I think of how perfect this plan is. How perfect this life is. All because He loves us. It is so important for families to do stuff together. I feel very strongly by way of the Spirit that this mission is preparing me to be a husband and a father. I'm excited for those chapters in my life, but I know I have a lot of work to do. I know He is preparing His Lamanite children in Mexico. One of the toughest things lately has been being patient. I want to be out in the field so badly. I really want to get out of the MTC. I know how amazing this place is, but I've already spent an entire month of my mission! I want to go and see people and see the miracles God works in the world. He has so many children and he loves them all so much. Especially His daughters who become mothers. Especially my mother. I love you, mom. I want you to keep reading scriptures and keep praying so you can feel His love EVERY day, just as He has blessed me to feel. This life is wonderful. Just imaging how much more the Celestial Kingdom will be when we are all there together.
I love you.
But Father loves you more.
Love, You son, Elder Jake Anthony Marsh

P.S. I have a picture and a possibly a different scripture for my mission plaque. I'll send a letter with the memory card and some other instruction as to what I want on it!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another Letter from Elder Marsh

I was in the middle of writing the family a letter, and a computer opened up. So I decided to shoot you a quick email. Thank you for sending me my scarf! It isn't here yet. I'm SO glad I'm here. This place is just amazing. I'm so blessed to have a Heavenly Father who trusts me enough to go and bring the gospel of Christ to the Lamanites. This is such a wonderful opportunity. Emails and dearelder are almost exactly the same, but dear elder prints out your email for me and puts it in the mailbox. Let me know if anyone needs scriptures, pictures, shirts, anything! I can get things for very cheap. I'm so glad to hear my family is doing well. You and Dad should get into the weekly habit of going to the Temple. It will help you two so much. Not that there are any issues, but the Lord always tells you how to become better than you ever have been. I've learned that this gospel isn't about changing who you are. It's about progressing. This perfect Church is so beautiful. And so true. I don't know how I could ever think otherwise. God loves us so much. So much, that he created a plan for us to come back and live with him. With the families he has put us in. Don't forget that. Families are so important to our Father in Heaven. What could I have done to be given such a loving family? I'm so thankful for you. I always pray for you. I have to go now. I love you, mom! expect a letter in a few days. God be with you.