Monday, December 27, 2010

Jake's letter to his Mom (she cried) :-)

I sent the family a letter today. The thing is, pick up isn't until around 3:45, so nothing actually gets sent til the next day. Then the turn around time is 3 days between here and Sacramento. Also, we are allowed 30 minutes to email on preparation day. So there isn't much time to email. The best (and my favorite) is to just send me letters. I love this place! It isn't what I was thinking, but it is turning out to be a great transition into mission life. I'm actually moving. I tested up a level in Spanish, so I'm moving into a new zone and district tonight. And tomorrow is that zones preparation day, so I get 2 in a row! I'll be getting 2 new companions as well. My district is going to be down to 2 companionships soon. One Elder is being released for medical reasons. We are all pretty sad for him. Plus, the sisters are leaving to the Peru MTC next week, and I'm leaving tonight! which leaves only 4 elder. I'm having a great time. We just study the Gospel and Spanish a bunch. But it's great. I feel so much different and I have such a stronger love for a few things. Namely the Book of Mormon (which i was challenged to read before departing), and for the prophet Joseph Smith. He was such an incredible man. We watched the Joseph Smith movie on his birthday, and they played Legacy last night after the devotional. I was also reading "Oue Heritage" so I grew to love church history even more! So Kimberly was asking if you have a blog set up for my emails yet. If not, get that started! I'll be able to email you weekly now. Oh, also, my mailbox has changed. It's the same address, but deliver to box 113. Let everyone know for me. I love you so much, Mom. being away from my family has made me realize how much you all taught me and how much of a part of me you all are. My family is the best! Look for my letter in the mail, I had a special Christmas request :) Anyways, I'm going to get going. I'll probably email again tomorrow. I love you! Pass my regards to the family! And tell Cass happy belated birthday. Be good. Talk to you later.

Elder Marsh